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MEMORANDUM FOR RECORD SUBJECT: Award of the Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal (ARCAM) 1. Award of the ARCAM is made to the following Soldier(s) that have met the eligibility criteria IAW AR. The Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works released a memorandum taking initial steps to empower States and tribes in assuming Section 404 permit authority under the Clean Water Act (CWA. Authorize the release of my contact information to allow Army representatives or CSP partners to contact me regarding this program and my post-military employment, following my transition from military service. RANK SOLDIER NAME SOLDIER SIGNATURE DATE. SOLDIER PARTICIPATION MEMORANDUM ARMY. CAREER SKILLS PROGRAM (CSP). Information on.

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ATSS-DCD Today's Date


MEMORANDUM FOR All Section Members

SUBJECT: Preparing for the Promotion Board

1. This memorandum will provide you with information that will help you better prepare for the local promotion board.

2. You will be evaluated in six areas: personal appearance, bearing, and self-confidence; oral expression and conversational skills; knowledge of world affairs; awareness of military programs; knowledge of basic soldiering; and attitude.

3. There are three actions that you can take that will help you have a successful board appearance. Those actions are studying, preparing your uniform, and rehearsing.

Army Memorandum Format


a. STUDYING. Get a copy of the memorandum that tells when the board is, who the board members are, and what subjects will be asked. Study the questions and answers in the battalion study guide in these areas but also be prepared to answer other questions. Read the newspaper and watch the news and be prepared to express your opinions on local, national, and world events. Know your chain of command and unit history.

b. PREPARING YOUR UNIFORM. I will check the fit of the uniform of every soldier appearing before the board. If needed, turn your uniform in for alterations and cleaning. When setting up your uniform, use a ruler and check placement of all items IAW AR 670-1.

c. REHEARSING. Practice reporting to the president of the board. To build your self-confidence practice answering questions. If you don't Know the answer to a question, don't lose your military bearing. Be prepared to tell the board members why you think you should be promoted.