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Posted : admin On 1/22/2022

Online Bakery logo making never been easier. Use the most advanced free logo creator to create your own cake logo without registration. Corner Bakery Logo Maker Boulangerie Logo Maker. The Corner Bakery Logo Maker is the perfect bakery logo. Aside from the wonderful croissant graphic featured here, this template offers a number of beautifully rendered bread and pastry logos to suit a variety of tastes and needs. Another terrific modern bakery logo. The easiest free logo maker and logo generator. The most 5-star reviews of any logo maker. Trusted by 10M+ businesses. Make your logo now! Create a bakery logo your customers will love in just a few steps using the our free online logo maker! FreeLogoServices logo maker has hundreds of templates to choose from. GraphicSprings makes sampling different bakery logo design ideas a piece of cake, with its high-quality, vector format images and its free logo editor. With GraphicSprings, crafting a bakery logo is easy as pie, without being expensive and time-consuming.

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Create a bakery logo that’s good enough to eat with the help of our online logo maker software. Let us help you design a logo that perfectly encompasses all of the delicious treats and baked goods you create for your customers.

Bakery Logo Design Ideas

When it comes to designing a bakery or patisserie logo, look no further than the colorful and delectable ingredients you use. If you have a few bakery logo ideas in mind already — great! If not, browse our sample logos below to help you get started.

A well-designed bakery logo is guaranteed to have your customers coming back for seconds. Your business logo should accurately describe to customers what your specialty is. Consider logo icons such as cakes, donuts, bread, cookies or bagels to include with your company name. Want people to know when you were founded or what edible treats you specialize in? Feel free to add a business slogan to your logo. Don’t forget to choose colors that are often associated with patisseries or bakeries, such as pastel pinks, greens, blues, and cream. Take these design ideas and incorporate them into your new business logo.

How to design a bakery logo

Choose a style

Select a few different styles for your new bakery logo, such as a badge, text, or icon design. Choose where you want your icon situated in relation to your business name (to the right, left, or above your brand name). Your logo’s style can also be adjusted within our logo design app to meet your needs.

Select a font

The type of font you choose plays an important role when designing your bakery logo. Whether you choose a serif, sans serif, script or decorative-style font — each will evoke a different message to your customers. Choose from hundreds of modern or classic fonts from our online logo maker database.

Pick a template

When you design a business logo using LogoMaker, you have thousands of templates to choose from. Our powerful machine learning logo design software will display relevant bakery logos that feature your preferred font type and layout. Each template also includes an icon that’s relevant to your industry.

Customize your logo

You’ve chosen a style, a font, and a template; now it’s time to customize your new bakery logo. Our logo design software allows you to change the color of the icon, the type of font, the text, and the size and orientation of any element in your logo. We want to help you create a logo that’s as unique as your business.


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2021 Creative Bakery Name Ideas For You To Use

Have you ever rode past a bakery and the pure sight and name of the bakery leaves you with a craving for something freshly baked?

This is the effect your will want your bakery to have on your potential customers. So how can you get droves of people flocking into your business?

One way is to serve delicious baked goods and offer excellent customer services and competitive pricing. However, before all else, you will need to have a catchy bakery name that will make people want to stop at your brick-and-mortar location.

Because the competition for bakeries is increasing. According to, there are over 23,158 retail bakeries in the United States. The baking industry generates over a 203 billion dollar industry, according to So what are some of the key elements you should consider when naming your bakery?

We will discuss shortly, how to create the best bakery name ideas, but first let’s jump into our list of bakery business names.

Names For Cake Business

Below is a list of creative bakery names for you to usewhen naming your bakery.

  • Sweet Lady Cakes
  • Bake N Flake
  • The Red Velvet Bakery
  • Hot Buttered Buns
  • French Bakery Store
  • Corner Cake Shops
  • A Piece of Heaven
  • The Upper Crust Bakery
  • Sugary Street and Sweets
  • Your Favorite Bake Shop
  • The Fresh Bakery Cafe
  • The Bakery Table
  • Sweet Cupcake Nation
  • Creative Scones
  • Butter Bread
  • The Rolling Pin
  • Gluten-Free Cake Corner
  • The Bread Basket
  • The Sweet Treats
  • The Boss of Cakes
  • Shake, Bake N Flake
  • The Sugared Hole in One
  • Sweet Skippity Scones
  • The Gluten-Free Rolling Pin
  • Best Thing Since Sliced Sweet Bread
  • Cute Creative Cakes

Creative Cake Shop Names

Here’s a cake shop name list for specialty cake shops

  • Free Cake N Bake
  • Don’t Take the Cake
  • Kiddie Sweet Tooth Cakes
  • Cake Confection Connection
  • Cupcakes, Milk, Cookies, Bakery, And Shakes
  • The Cake Creamy Nutty Creations
  • The Red Velvet Cake Shop
  • The Sweet Treats Bakery Cake Cafe
  • One Cute and Yummy Bakery
  • Yummy Cake Land
  • Coconut Cakes
  • Marla’s Sweet Treats & Cakes
  • The Crusty Puffs Cakes
  • Cakes & Sugar Scones
  • The Upper Crust
  • My Ladies Bagel Shop
  • Peter Pan’s Skippity Scones
  • Just Take the Cake
  • Pretty Cakes Cookies Confections

Catchy Bakery Names

  • Hot Crossed Buns
  • Sticky Eats
  • The Creative Cookie Cutter
  • Nana’s Cake Business
  • Jake’s Cakes
  • Sarah Cakes
  • Chicago’s Cupcake Nation
  • Sweetie Pies Pies
  • Joe’s Hole in One Doughnut
  • Strawberry Cupcake Bakery
  • Two Chics and a Bagel Shop
  • Knead To Know Bread Bakery and Cafe
  • The Sweet Rolling Pin
  • Lemon Pie in The Sky
  • Cake and Spoon Desserts
  • Piece of Cake in a Jar
  • The Sweet Bread Company
  • Sweet Lady Jane Bakery and Cafe
  • The Cake and Milk Bar
  • The Wheat Flour Box Bakery
  • Bob’s Bagel Shop
  • It’s Cake O’Clock

Cake Baking Business Name Ideas

  • The Chocolate Swirl
  • Sunrise Cakes
  • Buttered Up Sensations
  • The Floured Goodies
  • The Cake Boutique
  • The Red Velvet Muffin
  • Elegant Cakes and Scones
  • Sunrise Cupcakes
  • Unicorn Cakes
  • Taste The Rainbow Bakery
  • Charmed Cakes
  • Cotton Candy Bakery and Cakes
  • The Powdered Sugar Room
  • Sweetened Bites
  • Cake Perfection
  • Say Yes to the Cake
  • Absolutely Tasty
  • Holy Cakes
  • Pink Princess Bakery
  • The Artful Cupcake
  • The Gingerbread Man
  • The Princess of Cakes
  • Queen of Cherries
  • The Spicy Apple Cafe
  • Doubled Down Cakes
  • Sugar Cake and Spoon Frosted
  • The Round Cake Corner
  • Humble Pie Desserts and Treats
  • The Pampered Baker’s Table
  • Dream Cakes
  • Cakes Of Your Dream
  • War of Cakes
  • It’s a Cake Day
  • The Twisted Bread Company
  • Sarah’s Hole in One Doughnuts

Cake Shop Name List

  • FunTime Cakes
  • Party Time Cakes
  • The Cake You Can’t Stop Tasting
  • Moonshine Bakery
  • Drive-By Cakes
  • The Sweet Delight Bites
  • Panda Bear Pies
  • The Confectionary Room
  • Carla’s Cheesecakes
  • Pat My Cakes
  • A Hole In A Cake
  • The Brown Bundt Cake
  • Naked Cakes
  • The Vanilla Bean Room
  • The Good Cake
  • One Happy Baker
  • The Fluffy Flour Room
  • The Sweet Tooth Fairy
  • Forst Hot Crossed Buns
  • That’s My Piece of Cake
  • The Designer Cake
  • The Peppermint French Bakery
  • Cakes of Joy
  • The Joy of Cakes
  • Rachel’s Red Velvet Bakery
  • The Cake Factory
  • Supreme Confection Connection

Cute and Creative Bakery Shop Name Ideas

  • Tossed Flour Bakery Cafe
  • Tom’s Tasty Baked Goods
  • Take the Cake Steet Cafe
  • Jake’s Cakes and Wedding Treats
  • Evan’s bake Shop
  • The Baker’s Table Euphoria
  • Sweet Grateful Bread
  • Sugar Street Sweets
  • The Sugar Artist
  • A Slice of Love
  • The Luxurious Red Velvet Bakery
  • The Milk Bar and Bakery Cafe
  • Banana Bread Butter
  • Don’t Drop the Piece of Cake

How to Name Your Bakery Business

Have you ever wondered how name-brand food companies such as Little Debbie or Betty Crocker created By now you’re probably really contemplating what should you name your cake business? The best way to answer your question is to ask yourself the following questions;

The bakery business name Little Debbie was inspired by the founder of Mckee Foods granddaughter Debbie. The story is, O.D. Mckee was trying to come up with a catchy name for his new snack cakes, just as you are, and decided to name it after his granddaughter when he saw a picture of her in a straw hat.

And viola, Litte Debbie snack cakes were born. Sometimes, as entrepreneurs, we look so hard for the right business name when we have plenty of clever business name ideas right under our noses.

What if you named your bakery business after your child or loved one? If naming your business after you or your family doesn’t work for you. There are still plenty of additional options and resources to help you decide on a bakery name.

These three questions will impact your decision to name your bakery. You will also want to make sure you do not rush the process of naming your bakery. Take your time, your business name is not only your brand, but it is also a reflection of your style and personality. For more assistance on bakery, name brainstorming, check out this article.

Bakery Logo Generator

  • What’s my best selling bakery item
  • Which name would best represent what I’m selling
  • Which name is the easiest to remember but is also catchy?

Names for Bakery

Resources To Help You Create Awesome Bakery Name Ideas

Alright, so you’ve browsed through the list of bakery names and cake shop name ideas, and you’re still not feeling any of the names I’ve created. It’s ok. I’m not offended. I have a few tools that I’ve researched to assist you in naming this awesome bakery you’re about to start.

Thesaurus– A thesaurus is my favorite tool to use when creating business name ideas. I have an entire category dedicated to business name ideas here on TheRichGirlBlog. And for each blog post that I have written containing clever business name ideas, I have used an online thesaurus to help me create word and phrase variations.

Werdmerge– This fun name generator, that allows you to type in your keyword to create various word combinations.

There are also other opportunities to assist you in creating bakery name ideas. Companies such as Wow Branding and Brandings and offer free worksheets and eBooks to help entrepreneurs create brand names.

US Patent and Trademark Office – This is an essential website you might want to become familiar with. There’s almost nothing worst than deciding on a business name just to find out it’s already taken. This website is run by the government, as you might have already guessed; however, you will find similar product names registered and information regarding products and if the company is still active.

Related Articles for Bakery Name Ideas

Business Name Generators

Domain Name Generator– Everyone and their momma have a website nowadays, making it harder to find available domain names. So before printing out marketing material, use the domain name generator below to make sure your bakery name idea is available.

NameChk– Is an online generator that allows users to check multiple databases such as Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Shopify, Ebay, Etsy, and Myspace. I know right!

Who still uses Myspace, but you get my point. Save yourself some time and use NameChk, instead of going to each database, separately. By the way if you’re looking forEtsy shop name ideas,I have massive list for your here.

Bakery Logo Design Vector Free Download

NameLix -is another powerful business name generator, with options for you to customize your search. This generator will ask you to enter the length of the name, you are trying to create. Namelix is connected to the popular domain name register Namecheap.

So all the names that are generated are available for you to use for your bakery business name, my friend! If you’re thinking about using the name Jake’s Cake’s you can just pop it into Namelix to check for name availability.

WordLab isn’t one of my favorite name generators, but I decided to add it so you can be the judge. This generator doesn’t need you to type in “skippity scones’ before it generates bakery name ideas, just simply click “Get A Name.”

The Best Free Logo Makers For Bakery Businesses

After you narrow down your list of bakery names it’s time to design a logo. This will help you to decide which name resonates the best with your vision.

Not to mention, during your business startup process, you will have a lot of expenses, so why not try to save where you can and design a free logo. I’ve used these sites before when creating logos for my blogs, and my photography business.


NameCheap is a free logo maker that allows you to pick color schemes, icons, and their fonts are decent to be free. The software is also super easy to use. Below are the steps you need to take to create your own business logo.

After you enter the name of your bakery, you will need to choose a style. After picking your style, you can then choose between thin or thick text, elegant or casual fonts.

The next stop after picking your font style is to pick from the icons below. You can create a design without the icons. Most icons are very basic and generic looking, but you can’t expect a lot from free.

Users are then prompted to pick a color scheme. Which color scheme do you like?

After you have picked your icon you are in the finishing steps. You will now be able to download your logo design.


The LogoMaker is also a free online design maker. I like this site a lot better than NameCheap because you are given a lot more options for icons and fonts. However, the process is similar.

Free Bakery Logos Designs

Once you have decided on a logo style you will have over 20 design options to choose from for your bakery business logo.

After choosing your design you will then be prompted to save your design and create an account! Super simple, right?


Thisfree online logo maker works similar to NameCheap, and LogoMaker. However, you are given more options, and the logos are a lot more modern.

After you enter your business name, you will then be prompted to choose a design.

You can now pick a few colors you like

After selecting logo colors it’s now time to pick up to 5 symbols to incorporate in your logo. Not feeling the symbols? This step can be skipped.

Finally it’s time to pick a logo to customize

Final Thoughts On Bakery Name Ideas

Bakery Logo Design Free Online

Creating business names can sometimes be a bit of a difficult task. However, if you use the tools I provided to help you determine which business name works best for your bakeshop, you will be off to a terrific start. Make sure to let me know below your best bakery name ideas.