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Posted : admin On 1/26/2022

A site license on TechSmith Camtasia is coordinated for use by all staff and students who can install one copy of this software for use on their personal computers during their works or studies at the University.

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Camtasia moodle

The content is delivered within Moodle, and is already familiar to viewers. Adding a TechSmith Relay video to a course in Moodle Instructors who would like to add TechSmith Relay videos to their courses should follow the following steps: 1. In a Moodle course, click Add an activity or resource. Select External Tool from the Activities list. Moodle is an open and free software system designed to host interactive learning content such as the ones produced by Camtasia Studio and other authoring software. Briefly, the advantage of using a Moodle-based LMS is that Moodle is available as a free download.

Camtasia is a screen camcorder and video production tool. It can record screen activity in videos, edit and narrate the video clips. The final cut can be rendered into several standard video formats for ease of sharing.

Camtasia moodle download

Camtasia Moodle Pro

1. Features

Camtasia offers the following features:

  • Be a desktop camcorder that captures screen activity and applies real-time effects
  • Add annotations and watermarks to recordings
  • Act as a software camera feed to live productions (for example, broadcasting the computer desktop in a live 'webcast' using a streaming media encoder)
  • Work as a non-linear editor producing video in AVI or streaming formats
  • Output captured files which can be viewed by using the standard Windows Media Player, RealNetworks RealPlayer, or any AVI player (such as TechSmith’s Camtasia Player)

2. Download and Install Camtasia

Please follow the user guide below to download and install Camtasia.

Camtasia Doodle

3. Learn the Basics

Camtasia Moodle Free

Camtasia MoodleCamtasia

Here is a list of online tutorials showing the basic functions of Camtasia:

Camtasia moodle student

4. User Guides of Special functions

For more in-depth features, please refer to the official user guides of Camtasia:

5. Upload the completed video to Panopto platform

Teachers can upload the completed video to Panopto platform and share the video to students.

Camtasia Moodle 2020

6. FAQ

7. Support

Camtasia Morph

One to one consultation service is also available to staff and students. For staff, please book here. For students, please book here.

Camtasia Mobile

Camtasia also hosts a comprehensive support website where you can find more details: