Cat Sketch

Posted : admin On 1/22/2022

This step by step tutorial of How to draw a cat will help you to learn cat drawing for kids and beginners. Cats are very common domestic animals in the world, house cats are the smallest among the cat species. They like to survive on their own still they are great pets.

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Drawing animals are tough as they require a different type of drawing skill for poses. In the given tutorial we are providing step by step process of sitting and walking cat. By following all these one by one in the order you will end up rendering a cat.

Just take out your paper, pencil eraser and get ready. Let’s begin…!

How to draw a realistic cat:

Step 1: Draw a circle and a oval for the body and head of a cat, then mark the center of the head with the help of a line.

Step 2: With the soft hand draw a line for the neck, back and tail as a guideline.

Step 3: Draw 4 lines as guidelines for the legs and muzzle feature ie, eyes, mouth and nose.

Step 4: Give shape to the legs with the help of guideline draw and add 2 ears on the top of head.

Step 5: In this step draw the cat’s eyes, tail, and shapeup the toes.

Step 6: With help of some additional lines draw the cat’s ears and define its nose, pupil, and jaws at already marked places.

Step 7: You definitely have seen a cat, thus paying attention to it draw the other details and give it an outline.

Step 8: With help od shading give your cat a furry look. To give it a more realistic look draw ground and erase all the guidelines.

Your cat is ready to rule the world.

How to draw a sitting cartoon cat:

Step 1: Draw a round shape with help of any round object.


Step 2: Draw flattened m shape or downward curve for the cheek line.

Step 3: Draw other curves for the muzzle as eyebrows and mustaches.

Step 4: Draw eyes and lashes for the naughty cat.

Warrior Cat Sketch

Step 5: Draw nose in between the eyes, 2 ears above the head and below the nose mouth.

Step 6: Draw front legs as shown in the image below.

Step 7: Add back leg with help of a curvy line.


Step 8: Give your cat a final touch by drawing tail, grass, and sky.

Sketch Drawing Of A Cat

Step 9: Your cat is ready, you can color it with your choice or by referring the image below.

It’s a fact that cats are the most loved and awesome animals. Kids will definitely love this cat drawing tutorial step by step. Here below this, we are also providing a few very easy cat drawing in steps, your cat can be tabby, black in white, or persian any kind, you can draw it in any color of your choice. So, follow the guideline and make your imagination your guid.

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Picture 3:

Cat Sketch Face

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