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Posted : admin On 1/25/2022
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CLion 2020.2 is released!

Collecting additional logs in CLion How to start CLion on FreeBSD? What to do if debugger doesn't work as expected? I can’t find some functionality in CLion. Is there a community edition for CLion? Is CLion available as a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA? 2020.2 버전부터 Makefile 빌드 지원이 추가되었다. GDB로 디버깅하면 STL 컨테이너의 원소 개수가 표시되지 않는 문제가 있다. LLDB 사용 시에는 정상 표시된다. 文章目录【CLion】clion下载安装+破解+汉化一、获取链接二、安装三、破解3.1 下载补丁3.1.1 下载破解补丁3.1.2 下载结果3.2 破解过程3.2.1 存放3.2.2 修改clion64.exe.vmoptions文件3.2.3 获取破解码四、汉化4.1 获取汉化文件4.2 设置汉化4.2.1 删除resourcesen.jar文件4.2.2 复制汉化. CLion 2020.2 ensures that a variety of C projects are covered by adding Makefile projects and polishing CMake support. It provides better C20 standard compliance. It provides better C20 standard compliance.

CLion 2020.2: Makefile Projects, C++20, Enhanced Code analysis, Doctest, and Other Unit Testing Support Improvements

by Anastasia Kazakova

Clion 2020.2 Release Date


From the article:

CLion 2020.2 covers a wider variety of C and C++ projects and makes modern C++ coding easier. Here are the highlights:

  • Project models
    • Initial support for Makefile projects
    • CMake upgrade to 3.17
  • C++20 standard compliance
    • Code completion for C++20 keywords
    • Code completion in designated initializers
    • Support for the explicit(bool) construct in name hints, navigation, and refactorings
    • Range-based for loops with the init statement are now supported
  • Code analysis
    • A new inspection to constrain a function's result
    • Dangling pointer check
    • A more accurate Simplify inspection
    • Check for a loop condition that is never updated
    • New Inspection Widget and new Problems View
  • Support for Doctest, and improved integration with Catch2 and Google Test 1.10
  • Automatic creation of code coverage profiles
  • PlatformIO plugin enhancements
  • VCS:
    • Git installed in WSL2
    • A more helpful GitHub Pull Requests View
  • Performance improvements
Early Access Program

CLion 2020.2 has reached Beta! To install build 202.6397.12, download it from the website, update from our Toolbox App, get it through a snap package (if you are using Ubuntu), or use a patch update.

CMake Precompiled Headers

CLion has supported precompiled headers for a while, but this didn’t cover all the cases. In this EAP build, we’re adding support for the MSVC Force Include option (CPP-21063) and for CMake 3.16 PCH. In the latter case, code navigation and highlighting for symbols from the precompiled headers added via the PRECOMPILE_HEADERS and/or INTERFACE_PRECOMPILE_HEADERS properties of a CMake target now works in CLion.

Please note there are some limitations affecting Cygwin/WSL/Remote toolchains (CPP-21192).

Open project from CMake generated folder

Clion 2020.2

When a CMake folder has already been generated for your project, CLion can now open the project without regenerating the folder. This should be a great time-saver. This feature previously worked only for the Makefile generator, but now it is supported for all generators (like Ninja, or others).

Clang-Tidy configuration

You can set Clang-Tidy configuration files to take precedence over the IDE settings. To do so, go to Settings/Preferences Editor Inspections C/C++ General Clang-Tidy and select the Prefer .clang-tidy files over IDE settings option. We have slightly reworked CLion’s behavior in this case:

  • CLion tracks all .clang-tidy files in the project directory.
  • When analyzing the source file:
    • If there’s a reachable .clang-tidy file (located in the current directory or in one of the parent directories), CLion uses the settings from that file.
    • Otherwise, CLion relies on its own settings.
Clion 2020.2

Other enhancements

  • Fix for the UI freeze during the reformat code operation (CPP-20925).
  • Fix for the UI freeze when highlighting the code in the Find Usage dialog (CPP-17472).
  • Doxygen’s @a and @c tags are now rendered correctly in the Quick Documentation popup (CPP-18485).

The full list of fixes can be found in the release notes here.

Our previous EAP builds introduced the following enhancements:

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