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Posted : admin On 1/26/2022
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  2. Evil/Devil/Occult – well, maybe somewhere, the devil worshippers celebrate this holiday for the devil but I don’t. The Occult is not all “bad” It is a very big category which includes a lot of stuff.

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I was reading your site title The Dark Side of Halloween. It was interesting. I have a couple of questions/comments. Before you read a warning and note: This message is long. I took the time to read every word of every page on your whole site so if possible, I would like the same from you and ask you to read this whole message. I look forward to your replies to my message.

>”When they got together on these pagan worship days they would meet in a grove
>of trees (preferably oak trees) or in a Druidic stone circle, the most famous
>surviving circle being located in Stonehenge, England. It is evident that human
>sacrifice was common at this ancient Druid Sacrificial Circle because within three
>miles of this sight there are over 350 funeral mounds that contain the remnants of
>countless human sacrifices. ”

The above is a quote from your site. If the druids had sacrificed humans, why would there be funeral mounds? They wouldn’t have bothered burying them would they? Besides, modern druids do not sacrifice anything anymore. Maybe you should mention that. I just read down further. You mention that they say they don’t sacrifice humans anymore but they don’t. Druidism is just a Pagan religion. One that used to be well-known. Christians. Jews and Muslims have all practiced sacrifices at one time.

>It’s no wonder that a onetime witch of our day, Tom Sanguinet, former high priest in
>the Celtic tradition of Wicca (witchcraft) said, “Halloween is purely and absolutely
>evil, and there is nothing we ever have or will do that would make it acceptable to
>the Lord Jesus.”

First of all, Wicca and Witchcraft are NOT the same thing. Also, do you know why Tom isn’t a high priest anymore? Do you know why he said it was evil? Did/Does Lord Jesus say that is is wrong to honour God? That it is wrong to have fun? to love nature? to celebrate the seasons?

Michael Orfe Jersey Devil Sketch

>Satanists–acting true to form–reversed the Christian procedure. Because
>November 1st was All Saints’ Day (All Souls’ Day, November 2nd, memorializes
>the dead), Satanists established October 31st as and “All Demon’s Night.”

Make sure you aren’t mixing up Satanists and Devil-worshippers as they are NOT the same either. Besides, what does it matter that October 31st was called Demon’s Night? When I celebrate Halloween/Samhain, I don’t worhsip any demons or devils, and I assume neither did you. right?

>Historically, Halloween is obviously and totally a pagan, occultic worship day.
>There is NOTHING Christian about the day. Pause for a moment. Dig beneath the
>candy. What is the primary focus of Halloween, even in our day? I see a three fold
>There is absolutely NO Christian significance to be found in Halloween.

Yep, you are partly right about that. I am a Pagan and I celebrate Halloween/Samhain for seasonal reasons. As I see it, Christians can celebrate it for FUN. For the candy and costumes. For the parties. As for your three fold focus: Death – yep, we honour and remember our dead family members during this time as the veil between the worlds is thin. We don’t dig them up or kill people, we may visit the cemetery or leave a place setting at the table for their spirits. Fear/Horror – lots of people enjoy fear. I am sorry if you are not one of them. Fear is fun, to a certain extent. We dress up and watch scary movies to get our adrenaline running. Evil/Devil/Occult – well, maybe somewhere, the devil worshippers celebrate this holiday for the devil but I don’t. The Occult is not all “bad” It is a very big category which includes a lot of stuff.

>Despite the public relations campaign to “sell” the public on the “virtues” of
>witchcraft, modern day witches and Satanists still worship demon gods &
>goddesses, practice bizarre & immoral sexual rituals, and certain groups offer
>animal and human sacrifices.

Okay, before this, I agreed with everything you said. Witches and Satanists enjoy Halloween. Yep, so do kids! Witches do celebrate it, I do. But where did this come from. I am sorry to say you may have your sources mixed up. I am a witch. I worship a god and goddess but I do not and would never sacrifice animals, babies or humans, i don’t believe in hell or satan and I don’t worship demons. Everything I do is moral and legal and while I have sex the same as you or others, I do not have orgies with people I do not know. Can I ask where you got this information from? We are not “selling” the public on our virtues, we are just telling the truth. Unfortunately, with you as proof, not everybody has gotten the word yet.

Actually, if you are truly interested in how I and other witches celebrate Samhain

>Jack also said, “Around Halloween, one of the things you see are graveyard
>desecrations.” Self-styled Satanists use human bones in their rituals. Graveyard
>vandalism is a common Halloween occurrence.

I have explained somewhere above about how we honour the dead during this time, that is why you will see changes to the graveyard. If you are not a satanist, may I ask, how you have come to the conclusion that satanists use human bones in their rituals? Please, enlighten me. Also, Graveyard vandalism is a result of young, immature teens who think it is funny. It really is disgraceful.

Rowan Atkinson Devil Sketch

Devil sketchbook art

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>Dave Benoit tells of a mother finding a strange diary, called “The Book Of
>Shadows” in her son’s room. She with fear and trembling leafed through pages
>filled with Satanic drawings. Then her eyes fell on these horrifying words, “Last
>year I stole a car at Halloween and ran over a kid and killed him. This year, at
>Halloween, I plan to do the same thing!” The words in his satanic diary proved to
>be true. The teenager is now incarcerated. He murdered a kid as a sacrifice to

Simple Devil Sketch

Oh my!! I feel quezy. That boy is sick and needs treatment. Unfortunately, their are people out there who are sick and are in need of mental treatment. Murders, rapists and the like fall under the same category. Often these crimes are said to have been done under the name of Satan and yes, even in the name of God. Scary huh? I have a Book of Shadows. I keep rituals and spells (all legal with no sacrifices), a journal of my dreams, a daily journal, drawings and poems and more. Unfortunately, there are people (like you) who still group Satanism, Devil-worshippers and Witchcraft under the same category and so mix up the information. A Book of Shadows is used by witches, not satanists. The poor boy while looking up satanism probably stumbled upon a page with incorrect information on it and assume a Book of Shadows was satanist.

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Now, I could go on forever making comment about what you said about costumes, jack-o-lanterns, and especially witches, however, I won’t waste my time. If you have even stuck with me this far, I amend you. It is sad that you are misinformed and that you won’t open your mind long enough to consider the fact that witches do not worship satan.