Drawing With Pencil Easy

Posted : admin On 1/26/2022

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Are you interested in a small cute drawing project that is both quick and easy to draw? Then you’ll probably love to know how to draw a pencil in just a few simple steps. It’s perfect if you’d like to decorate pages with a school theme or just fill up extra blank pages, whatever you plan to use this pencil drawing for, I’m sure it will turn out great.

Drawing With Pencil Easy
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Before we head over to the tutorial, did you know that approximately 2500 pencils can be made from 1 single tree and a single pencil can write just about 45 000 words? That’s pretty amazing, don’t you think so?

Okay, I don’t want to bore you with facts about pencils, I’m sure you’re not here for that.

Let’s draw!

Supplies You’ll Need:

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Markers
  • Micron pen (or any fine liner)

Blossom Tree Drawing With Pencil Easy Step By Step

Drawing Instructions

Step 1

Begin by drawing two straight lines with a good enough distance. You can draw these lines longer depending on the size of your pencil, whether that is a long or short pencil.

Step 2

On one side of the pencil, join the two lines you just drew by drawing a curved line outwards.

Step 3

The head over to the other side and draw a wavy line as shown above.

Step 4

Once you have completed drawing a wavy line, it’s now time to draw a triangle shape for the pencil. You can do this by drawing one line in an angle and bringing that line down in an angle while joining it to the other end of the curvy line.

Step 5

Drawing With Pencil Easy

Head over to the other side of the pencil and leave a little bit of space from the outward line you drew earlier and draw another one just like that.

Step 6

Remember the wavy line you drew a few minutes ago? Join one part of the wave to the other end of the pencil.

Drawing With Pencil Girl Easy

Step 7

Now add another line just as you had done previously.

Step 8

Most of the pencil is complete but don’t forget to shade a bit of the triangle at the front to show the pencil lead. Do this by drawing a line in an angle and shade it in black. You can make this portion bigger or smaller, depending on your preference.

Step 9

Now you’ll need to draw the rubber of the pencil. From one end of the pencil, draw a slightly curved half circle and join it to the other line of the pencil.

Step 10

If you noticed carefully, some pencils have a sort of metal end before the rubber and there are four small holes on it. Draw these holes with equal space between these.

Step 11

Now draw four small lines in the middle of the circles but making sure that they’re slightly curved. And your pencil drawing is now complete.

Step 12

Nature Drawing With Pencil Easy

All that is left is to color the pencil drawing. Use a bright shade of yellow for the pencil and a bright shade of pink for the rubber. You can shade the other parts with light shades but I felt this pencil drawing stands out more when you leave them white.


Drawing Ideas With Pencil Easy

Pencils come in all different colors and sizes so go ahead and use whichever colors you’d like. There’s no reason to stick with just the yellow and pink combination but they’re all pretty great anyway.

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