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Posted : admin On 1/25/2022

This module addresses the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that came into effect 25th May 2018, and the EU Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications from 2012. It provides a GDPR cookie banner where you can gather consent from the user when the website stores cookies on their computer or otherwise handles their personal information. The module offers several methods f. Drupal Wiki Drupal Contributed modules Celebrate 20 years of Drupal with us! April is DrupalFest, a month-long series of virtual events focused on community, contribution, and the positive impacts made possible with Drupal.

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The biggest ‘module’ being updated was the Drupal core of course: Drupal 8.5.0 was released about a month ago, read more. Also, everything else what stood out to the module updates of last month, enjoy:

Project home: 53 releases parsed (53 known) 474 source strings in total; 3 source code warnings. The biggest ‘module’ being updated was the Drupal core of course: Drupal 8.5.0 was released about a month ago, read more. Also, everything else what stood out to the module updates of last month, enjoy:1. Password PolicyDrupal accepts all passwords made by users for their user account, even if it only consists of one letter. This modules refines that, you can determine the password policy. When importing the module I get 'missing schema' errors on showdisagreebutton, popupdisagreebuttonmessage, whitelistedcookies, cookiecategories, fixfirstcookiecategory, selectallcategoriesbydefault Providing the missing schema entries in the patch file.


1. Password Policy

Drupal accepts all passwords made by users for their user account, even if it only consists of one letter. This modules refines that, you can determine the password policy of your Drupal system, for example:

  • at least 8 characters;
  • at least 1 special character;
  • can’t be the same as your username or email address;
  • can’t be a password which has been used previously.

2. Content- Security- Policy

Content Security Policy (CSP) is an extra security layer, with Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and injection attacks, for example SQL injection. These attacks are used for all kinds of purposes, from identity theft to defacing websites or the spread of malware.

This module can automatically generate Content- Security- Policy headers for you, after you made the right settings in the Drupal backend.

3. Comment Notify

Send a notification to a Drupal content manager or administrator as soon as a comment is posted by a website visitor. This can be set up for both anonymous as logged in visitors.

4. Rest menu items

Headless Drupal remains fresh, and rightfully so. We also use some installations enthusiastically, like this website for example.

This modules helps with setting up an endpoint to serve out the menu items. You can give them query parameters to determine how much menu level you get back in this web service.

Drupal Eu_cookie_compliance

You can use the json data to build a menu in a frontend framework like React, Angular or in an iOS / Android App.

5. Breakpoints

A website which isn’t responsive, isn’t worth much nowadays. This Drupal module facilitates breakpoint management for your responsive web design, allowing the right media queries to be set up.

6. Simple hierarchical select

When a content manager has to make a selection which involves categories and subcategories, this way of selecting might be useful to him.

7. Block Visibility Groups

Within the block system in the Drupal core, you can determine per block where to block needs to go and who is allowed to see that block. But you can’t do it in bulk for a group of blocks.

With this Drupal module you can group blocks and configure per block group who is allowed to see what.

8. Empty Page

Whenever we develop a system within Drupal, we always add a route and facilitate the html dynamically to the screen of the visitor of said page in Drupal via controllers, services and Twig files. It’s possible to work with blocks, ensuring that data keeps being positioned well via blocks.

If you are not a developer, in some use cases you’d want to make a page with the help of blocks alone. Like a landing page, which doesn’t need a node.

Within the Drupal core you can never put your block anywhere in such a scenario, as you don’t have a page to put the block.

This module solves this because you can make an empty page and you can leave your blocks on that empty page. This prevents you from tediously making an empty node, generating unnecessary overhead. Exactly the problem the developer of this module intends to solve.

9. EU Cookie Compliance

Shows a notification in the footer of your Drupal site, where visitors agree to your cookie policy, or click for more information. This module makes it easy for you to comply with this mandatory notification.

10. Shield

We use this module in almost every Drupal installation when it comes to test- and acceptation environments. It completely shields your website from the outside world, unless you log in of course. Anonymous visitors and search engines won’t be able to reach our test environment, but we and our customers can.

Previously we used to do this by manually making a .htpasswd, which is kind of cumbersome and is getting in the way locally as well, as you also need to incorporate it in .htaccess.

11. Access unpublished

Within the Drupal core it isn’t possible to have unpublished content being looked at by anonymous website visitors. Not even when they have a direct link of said item.

It is now possible with this module, useful for content checkers and proofreaders for example: they won’t need a log in for the website, making it easy to work with and secure.

(!) please note that the page can be indexed by Google, thereby making it findable for everybody. Don’t keep a draft open like this for too long and definitely don’t share sensitive information via this route.

12. Anonymous login

Previously, we developed a similar custom code in Lus to use this feature: redirect all non- logged in users to the login page.

This Drupal module offers a similar feature: it also redirects anonymous visitors, but only when they request an admin path. When someone successfully logs in, that someone will be redirected to the original admin path from where he entered.

13. Simplelogin

Eu cookie compliance (gdpr compliance) drupal

Generates a different login page, which is more simple, more compact and potentially more beautiful. You can also add a nice background image fit it in your own house- style.

14. BeautyTips

Shows tips when someone hovers over a certain text with his mouse, similar to the Bootstrap tooltip.

15. Schema.org Metatag

A great addition to your website for search engine optimization (SEO). It enriches your html, allowing search engines to better ‘read’ your Drupal system.

16. Login History

Drupal core doesn’t keep a history of logins, but there are scenarios where this is necessary. Among other things, this module generates:

  • rough overview of all logins;
  • logins from individual users;
  • a block with login data for the visitors themselves: when was his last login and a link to his login history.

17. Minify JS

Drupal optimization tool, this module minifies all your JavaScript, making your JavaScript files smaller and less heavy for a network and browser.

18. Minify Source HTML

Similar to ‘Minify JS’, but for the generated html.

19. IMCE Rename (D8)

Drupal Eu_cookie_compliance Login

IMCE is a popular tool for Drupal content managers to manage social media. This plugin allows names of files to be changed, ensuring better structuring and management.

20. Create and continue

A useful tool for when you need to add a lot of content, this module generates an extra button under your content item: ‘Save and add another’. You can continue with adding the next item immediately.

21. Block Refresh

Want to keep information in a Drupal block up to date, even when the page isn’t refreshed by the visitor? No problem, this module will take care of it for you:

  • automatically refresh the content in a block after xx seconds;
  • visitors can refresh manually;
  • refresh after page refresh;
  • can optionally be excluded in Drupal’s page cache or every external cache (like Varnish).

22. Single Date Time Picker

Easy adding of a required date and time.

23. Secure Login

Forces logging in via a secure line, in order to optimally protect your visitors’ privacy.

24. Menu target

Not available in Drupal core: specify per menu item if clicked link for visitors should be opened in current or in a new screen. Install this module et voilá: now you can specify if you want to have it opened in current or in a new screen.

25. Persistent Login

Drupal doesn’t have a standard ‘remember me’ feature in the login screen. This module does offer that feature and some extra security measures have been taken: it doesn’t implement a standard longer ‘PHP session time”.

You can set up the following:

  • how long the users remain logged in, before they need to enter their information again;
  • how many persistent sessions one Drupal user is allowed to have at the same time;
  • determine for which pages the user does have to log in again, for example: when you want to change your user information.

26. CacheExclude

Without active page caching a Drupal website won’t be able to handle a lot of visitors, that’s why it standardly active. But it can happen that you want to exclude certain pages from that cache, because realtime/ dynamic data is shown. When you need a random image or changing content, you might want to check this Drupal module out.

Drupal Eu_cookie_compliance Download

Wrap up

Alright, that's it for now. I hope that this information allows you to further enrich, optimize your Drupal site and make it more user friendly.
Questions? Let me know!


Hello again.

through testing I found out that there is an issue with the combination 'MD_Slider' in the theme and the EU Cookie compliance module :
- when there is a MD_Slider on the page, the EU Cookie compliance popup shows but immediately goes away again, as if I clicked on it (but I didn't)
- when I remove the MD_Slider from the page, the EU Cookie compliance popup works as it should.

This issue is also described here:https://www.drupal.org/project/eu_cookie_compliance/issues/2504011

You can experience the behavior on my testsite :

- http://dev-pc-explore.pantheonsite.io/en with the MD_Slider disabled
- http://dev-pc-explore.pantheonsite.io/nl with the MD_Slider enabled

I use MD_Slider module 2.21




We test our latest version and see no problem

You should update the newest version which can be found at your account page or you can download from Themeforest

If yes but there is still problem, please send us your site url and admin account to check



Thanks, I tried with your latest version but the issue remained.
I then debugged the JavaScript, found the issue and managed to work around it.

It was the 'scroll'-event of the EU cookie compliance module which was triggered by the rendering of the MD_Slider.
Fortunately, by disabling the functionality 'Consent by scrolling' in the EU cookie compliance module, the 'scroll'-event was no longer triggered.



This is still a problem with current version of md slider and eu cookie compliance module. How can we fix this?



Did you update the latest version of EU Cookie Compliance module? Please update


Sorry for the late respond

We try to test but see no problem

Please send us your site url, admin account àn FTP account to check



The problem is because there are several jquery versions in your site, including:

+ https://stage.freche-loesungen.de/sites/all/modules/jquery_update/replac...

+ https://stage.freche-loesungen.de/sites/all/themes/endvo/js/vendor/jquer...

This wil cause errors for all pages, even pages do not contain MD Slider. For example, this page: http://prntscr.com/nxqjus

Please use jquery version of module jquery update, and remove version of theme endo


Hi Cindy, this is great! Removing the extra js from envor theme.info solves this problem. Many thanx!!!