Eye Drawing Step By Step

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Learn How to draw an eye/eyes easy step by step for beginners Eye drawing easy tutorial with pencil,easy trickpencils used - Bianyo Artist Quality Fine Art. Eye drawing step by step. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon.

This tutorial explains how to draw an eye step by step from the front view with examples provided for each step.

Step 1 – Sketch the Basic Shape of the Eye

Eye Drawing Step By Step

To start drawing an eye from the front view you first want to create a rough line drawing to get the overall shape.

To get the basic shape of the eye draw a horizontal line and draw and draw two even curve on the top and bottom of that line curving towards one another.

Realistic Eye Drawing Step By Step

You can also draw a line to indicate the position of the eyelids and a line to indicate the position of the eyebrows.

Step 2 – Create an Outline Drawing of the Eye

Refine your sketch by creating an outline drawing of each of the major shapes of the eye.

On to top you will want to indicate the shape of the eyelashes (you can add the bottom eyelashes later).

Realistic Eye Drawing Step By Step

Draw the pupil in the middle of the eye (basically a circle) slightly being covered by the top eyelid. Inside the pupil draw another circle for the iris. Inside the pupil draw an outline of the reflection.

The reflection is caused by the smooth surface of the eye reflecting the main light source such as the sun, a street light or a light bulb for example.

For the bottom eyelid add another that indicates the thickness of the eyelid.

How to draw an eye for beginners

On the very left of the eye draw tear duct area as a sort of “U” shape that has been flipped on it’s side.

Finally bellow the eye draw another curve to indicate the bottom of the eyelid.

Step 3 – Apply Light Shading

Apply light shading to the eye to indicate the light and dark areas.

In most normal lighting conditions the indented areas will be darker.

Eye Tutorial Drawing Step By Step Video

The reflection in the eye will be the lightest area (you can keep it white).

Step 4 – Fully Shade the Drawing

3d Eye Drawing Step By Step

Refine the shading by smoothing out the gradients and darkening the shadows.

You will also want to darken the areas of the eye such as the pupil, iris, eyelashes and eyebrow.


Drawing the shape of the eye is fairly easy but the shading can get a little bit more complicated. As with drawing with some practice you will improve.

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