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Posted : admin On 1/25/2022
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Grand Theft Auto V is a modern crime epic featuring a crew of three protagonists rolling through the fictional state of San Andreas. It’s a pretty good time to become an Amazon Prime member — no, I’m not talking about the 2-day shipping. Amazon (and Twitch) are giving away a free cash bonus to GTA Online and Red Dead.

Learn how to claim Twitch Prime benefits in GTA Online by Edward Carr.

GTA 5 Online is comprised of premium services which offers Twitch Prime rewards for many players that may want to utilize the opportunity. When you take a right step in the right direction and subscribe to the proper services, it will earn you some GTA Online rewards.

This reward is totally free of charge. This happens as a result of the fact that the game is exclusively part of the Twitch Prime reward program. This program is designed to reward players with in-game loot, including other bonuses for linking their Social Club account with that of the Twitch Prime Account.

Free stuff is usually seen as an opportunity which is expected to be utilized. You actually need bits of information necessary to grab you your GTA Online Twitch Prime rewards. Don’t be left out!

Previous Twitch Prime Rewards Program

The GTA Online Twitch Prime rewards was launched in the year 2019 with several rewards dished out to players during that time. Recall that this program is solely for those players who have linked up their Social Club and Twitch Prime accounts.

Since the creators of this game are very active, they have provided regular updates which have made it possible to effect some changes in the offers. But before we look at the current offers, let us have a cursory look into the past offers.

  • The Free Fort Zancudo Hangar 3499 got expired in December 2019.
  • Free Casino Master Penthouse got expired in October 2019.
  • GTA $1,250,000 Bonus and it expired in July 2019.
  • Free Lago Zancudo Bunker which expired in December 2019.
Gta 5 Twitch Prime

In order to be abreast of information regarding current program with the rewards that comes with it, you need to monitor or visit the Rockstar Newswire for regular updates.

Current Twitch Prime Rewards Program

As a first timer who is linking his Social Club account to the Twitch Prime account, you will be credited with an encouraging bonus of GTA $250,000. This program has a motivational extra bonus for players who have already linked their accounts.

As of now, the Twitch Prime rewards current sole program is the Pixel Pete’s Arcade Property for free. This is very important for planning a heist in the Diamond Casino mission.

Setting up Procedure for the Reward Program

In order to partake in what GTA Online Twitch Prime rewards program is set to offer, some procedures must be religiously followed.

  • The first step is to subscribe to the Amazon Prime.
  • The next step is to register for a Twitch Prime Account. If you already have an existing Twitch account, then simply link it.
  • If you don’t have one, then create a Social Club Account. If you already have an existing Social Club Account, just link up the account to your Twitch Prime account. If you have done this, even as a newbie, your account will be credited with a bonus automatically.
  • Click on “Claim Now” on the Twitch Prime website. This will send your reward over to the game.

Linking Wrong Accounts with Twitch Prime

What is required is for you to link your Social Club and your Twitch Prime accounts together.

Gta 5 Twitch Prime Sales

It is your responsibility to link accounts that are correct together. But if you made a mistake linking the wrong Social Club account with your Twitch Prime account, you cannot claim the offer yet. And that is not the end of it all.

What you should do is to separate or unlink the accounts. And then link it to the preferred account. As you unlink the accounts, navigate to the Twitch Prime connection page to link the correct Social Club with your Twitch Prime account. This will guarantee your GTA Online Twitch Prime rewards immediately.

One major thing you must observe is that you do not log into any other account as at the time you are doing the linking in the same internet browser. Use “incognito” or “private browsing” in order to ensure that your cookies do not interfere with the linking process.


Latest Discount and Twitch Prime Rewards

The creators of the game are tirelessly working by releasing the latest update that include the latest discount and Twitch Prime Rewards.

There are a lot of discounts available through this update, especially on both vehicles and properties as the case should be. It is possible to get off 35% off some valuable locations in the game.

Those who have already linked their Rockstar Social Club with their Twitch Prime accounts will be entitled to a further 10% discount on everything that is included in the updated list of the release. The Twitch Prime members are totally entitled to the Pixel Pete’s Arcade property free of charge.

Those who have already bought the property before linking their Social Club and Twitch Prime accounts will also be entitled to a rebate under 3 days immediately after the purchase of the property.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions with respect to the GTA Online Twitch Prime rewards may pop up which players may wish to know so that playing may be easy.

Is a Twitch Prime membership required?

You sincerely need the Twitch Prime membership for your eligibility. You need to sign up for the Twitch Prime trial. Then link your Twitch Prime account to the Amazon account if you are an existing member, otherwise you register for the Amazon membership and then do the linking.

Gta 5 Twitch Prime Claim

Should I link Twitch Prime accounts with my Social Club account?

Only one account may be linked to the Social Club account since each offer can only be applied to only one account. Your linking is only locked to only one account.

Will my content be readily available in all regions that I play in?

Any region you play in will definitely receive rewards though reward may vary with regions.

It’s a pretty good time to become an Amazon Prime member — no, I’m not talking about the 2-day shipping. Amazon (and Twitch) are giving away a free cash bonus to GTA Online and Red Dead Online players that sign-up with a Twitch Prime account. If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll also have Twitch Prime.

As a GTA Online player, you’ll get a $1.25 million dollar cash prize sent to you after linking your Twitch Prime account to your Rockstar account. If you’re more into the Wild West, you’ll earn a fat stack of $300 bucks, which you can use to buy fur coats, revolvers, or shiny saddles.

In addition to the in-game cash gifts, you’ll also earn an enhanced Shark Card exchange rate. You’ll a 15% bonus for all Shark Card purchases in GTA Online.

To actually claim these bonuses, you have to do more than just link your accounts. You’ll need to finish up the tutorial missions and play for at least 30 minutes — it’s all in the fine print. After completing the prerequisites, you’ll get a message stating that your Twitch Prime benefits have been sent.

Amazon Prime members automatically get a free Twitch Prime account. With Twitch Prime, you’ll get a free subscription to, earn some exclusive in-game loot in other games like Fortnite, and get some free games thrown in. That’s including all the benefits of Amazon Prime, which is just about to release a massive new Amazon Prime Day Sale.

This deal is running until April 1, so you can jump in anytime before then. In addition to GTAO cash, you can also get 12 months of Nintendo Switch Online, exclusive Division 2 gear, and more. You’ll also get some free games — right now, Cultist Simulator, Yookah-Laylee, For The King and The Escapists are available to download. Enjoy the benefits while you can!