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Get to know more about the Popular American streamer Doc. This article covers the full bio of Guy Beahm also known as Dr. Disrespect, His Wife, How Tall is Guy Beahm (Height in feet), Wiki & Net Worth as of 2019.

Who is Guy Beahm? Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV was born on 10 March 1982, in Encinitas, California USA, and is a streamer as well as an internet personality, best known from earning a huge amount of popularity on the streaming website Twitch, under his online alias of Dr. Disrespect, and is best known for playing various battle royale video games. View the profiles of people named Guy Beahm. Join Facebook to connect with Guy Beahm and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share. In a live Twitch stream Dr Disrespect, A.K.A. Guy Beahm, shamefully admitted to cheating on his wife. The mustache was real and so were the tears as Doc could not hold back the emotions when admitting to his fans what he had done to his wife and their daughter. Disrespect, the online persona of Guy Beahm, was banned from Twitch in late June. The reason for his ban was not given by the streaming platform, and the future of Dr. Disrespect has been.


Birth NameHerschel Guy Beahm IV (M)
Birth Date (Age)10th March 1982 (37 Years) old
Birth PlaceEncinitas California (United States of America)
Famous Streamer & YouTuber
Height6 feet. 8 inches tall
Children1 Daughter (Alana Beahm)
WifeUnrevealed [known as Ms Assassin on IG]
Net Worth$500,000 estimated


The gaming community serves a legend who turns out to be Dr Disrespect, He is otherwise known by his Real Name Guy Beahm who gained prominence as a live streamer and a pro in the competitive gaming society. His Instagram account which has amassed over 270,000 followers also features some of his exclusive personal lifestyles. On his social media’s accounts, He tags his bio as “The most ruthless competitor in the online gaming community”. The American online Gamer is truly the most ruthless in the super competitive gaming society as he already won two awards on the same spot, “Streamer of the Year” & “Trending Gamer of The Year” at Esports Industry Awards back in year 2017.


The name “Dr Disrespect” was dated for creation in 2010, He is popularly known for live streaming games like PUBG & Fortnite. However, Only few ardent fan of Guy Beahm knows he has been battling with video games, specifically battle royale games since days of H1Z1: King of the Kill & Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Disrespect is known globally with sunglasses, mullet wig, mustache & a bulletproof vest appearance, His career started when he launched his YouTube Channel on January, 5, 2010. The channel which has garnered over 950,000 subscribers with almost 40 million total streams gives Disrespect the fame of being a “dominant player.” The first video he uploaded was on Jan, 11, 2010 which only has few thousands view, In fact started as a Live Streamer, He only uploads highlights of Games he played daily, Two of the popular games are Call of Duty Black Ops & Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

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Guy Beahm’s dedication on YouTube and having been featured on gaming channels including Machinima & DavidSilverberg gave him the opportunity to secure a Job at a San Francisco based company, Sledgehammer Games in March, 2011, An American game developer company that crafts and designs games uniquely. One of the two developers of Sledgehammer Games actually called upon Beahm due to his exclusive works on his YouTube Channel, He was hired as a community manager which made Beahm lose focus on his fast growing Channel. Shortly after working as a community manager, Beahm was promoted to a Level Designer at Sledgehammer Games. Today, the resume of Dr Disrespect covers the fact that he designed games including Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, he designed multi player levels like Solar, Instinct, Horizon, Ascend, Recovery, Site 244, Quarantine, and Sideshow. These are all what contribute to the success of Guy Beahm.

Beahm, who got his gamertag character from playing Halo 2 on the XBox, quit Sledgehammer in early 2016 to focus on his career as an online streamer. In addition to his YouTube Channel, Beahm kick start his channel on the 21st of March, 2016. On Twitch which has currently garnered 500,000 streamers, Disrespect is popularly known for live streaming H1Z1 but his fame groaned heavily during the trend of PUBG, In 2017 which might be considered Doc’s best year after winning two awards, His twitch account was considered the fastest-growing gaming channel.

The self acclaimed “Face of Twitch”, Dr Disrespect also has a community he tagged “The Slick Daddy Club” (Now The Champions Club), The club is the home for die hard fans of Beahm, However, he also sells merchandise under this moniker with products ranging from Men & Women Apparels, Bags & Phone Cases. Guy Beahm has also made it big to the point receiving endorsement deals from Gillette, Creative Artists Agency & Turtle Beach among others.

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Guy Beahm Wife

The real name of Dr Disrespect is Herschel (Guy) Beahm IV, He was born and raised in Encinitas, United States of America, Beahm is an American by birth and he belongs to Caucasian Ethnicity. He might not have been breaded with a silver spoon but Disrespect does made it out himself out of a fun passion.

The facts about the early life of Dr. Disrespect might not be lengthy due to secretarial life he’s living, He however attended California State Polytechnic University situated in Pomona from 2001 and graduated in 2005. He’s a basketball lover when he was at school where he played Division II NCAA basketball.

Before joining Sledgehammer Games in 2015, Beahm had worked temporarily at Stanford University.


The height of Guy Beahm is a bit complicated, He was born on the 10th of March, 1982, He is currently 37 years as of today and will turn 38 in 2020. Guy Beahm is 6 feets and 8 inches tall, That is 2.03 meters tall.


The deadly wife to the most ruthless competitor in the online gaming community goes under the moniker Ms Assassin, Disrespect might have pull her wife away from limelight, He however mentions about her few times on his Twitter account. In fact, Guy Beahm’s Wife accompanied him to eSports awards in 2017. The couple walked down the aisle in 2013. The relationship between Dr Disrespect and his wife wouldn’t have gone more stronger if not for the controversy that sparked in December 2017, He was found cheating on his wife.

One of Disrespect’s ardent fan OHMEGA admitted that Beahm has been secretive of dating 4 different women for the past 2 years, Disrespect was found hanging out with Twitch mate Craysound, stream the clip below.

Guy also admitted about cheating on his wife which made him leave online streaming to amend the loopholes in his family, He went offline for almost 3 months before getting back on February 5, 2018. Dr Disrespect and his Ms Assassin wife shares a daughter together, Her name is Alana Beahm and was born in October, 2014. The family currently lives in a suburb area of California, However, Disrespect’s wife would have conceive another child for Beahm if not for a miscarriage his wife suffered in mid-2018.

Guy Beahm Basketball Highlights


Guy Beahm Wiki

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According to a salary scale website, Level Designers at Sledgehammers earned as much as $64,000 to $90,000 per annum which Guy Beahm worked for 3 years total, He also earns from his YouTube channel that is heading for a million subscribers already, His account is followed by 3.3 million people and also earns from his Merchandise Brand, All of these was able to Dr Disrespect total net worth to about $600,000 estimated.