Horse Pencil Drawing

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When working on horse pencil drawings such as the horse head seriesfound here, adding more definite outlines and some details will continue to add life to your portrayal.

Horse Pencil Drawing

By now, you have finished blocking out basic shapes and have started an outline.

Learn how to draw a Horse step by step. Pencil Shading Drawing. I used Charcoal soft pencil in this painting.Charcoal pencil I used:

  • Horse drawing is made in the same way. Using three circles, draw the main parts of the body and connect them with lines, as in my picture. Drawing these shapes is easy, but it’s important to precisely position them on a piece of paper concerning each other. Try to make this step of drawing the horse as accurate as possible.
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That way you'll know how we got through steps one through four.

You will now start step five.

You've worked hard. Now you can start adding more details and finalize the outline of your drawing.

(i) Use your pencil to darken and shape the curves at the side of the horse's face

This finalizes the shape of the horses's head.

(ii) Draw in the eyes

Since you already have the top eye line, just complete it by drawing another bottom line in the same manner.

  • The end result is that the eye should be an almond shape.

(iii) Add lashes to define the eyes

Look at the picture above to see how they should lay.

  • Shorter lines near the middle of the face going longer as you work outward

(iv) Pencil the outline of the ears

The ears are almost triangle shaped, but as you can see the outside line of each ear drawing has more of a curved shape.

  • Outlining each of the horse ears this way will give you more of a realistic shape in your drawings than a true triangle would

(v) Widen the bottom circle a little to shape the nose and then add nostrils

You can see the nostrils are made using another set of curved lines drawn as shown inside the widened circle.

(vi) Add a little bit of shading to the two vertical lines coming up from the nose.

This adds definition to the face.

  • Shading in drawings means that you darken it a bit using more pressure or more lines with your pencil.

(i) Darken the lines around the ears to define them

(ii) Pencil in the horse's neck

Make a diagonal line starting at the right ear and going downward at a fairly steep angle as shown above.

(iii) Add the forelock

Add short curved lines between the ears for the hair of the forelock. These lines do not have to be neat as they represent the lay of the horse's hair.

Horse Pencil Drawing Images

  • Some horse pencil drawings such as this example do not show a mane as it is brushed to the other side. You can draw yours however you would like to.

Once you finish that, your drawing is almost done. There are a couple more steps left. You can always review the prior step if you need to, or move on to finish the tutorial.

Easy pencil drawings of horses

Two horse head drawings. One is quick, fluid and impressionistic. The other is a carefully built up study. The first is an example of pencil horse drawings. The second is a horse sketch in ink drawn with a brush.

Using a coloured or monochrome paper can have a dramatic effect on the outcome of your drawing. Here I am using a grey paper. Use a 2H and 2B pencil.

The first thing is to make an accurate drawing of the subject. This doesn't have to be polished or highly finished but it needs to give you enough information about the form of the animal and any extra details you need. In this case I needed a reasonably good drawing of the bridle.

For a breakdown demo on how to draw a horse head see the first part of this tutorial onHorse Drawingthen hit your browsers back button to return.

Here is a scan of the initial drawing.

1. Trace or sketch your horse head. Keep your lines soft and light. The 2B would be best employed here.

2. Sketch the bridle.

3. Use the side of the 2H pencil to add tone. I started with the ears.

4. Continue with the tone on the forehead, eye etc.

5. Carry on down the face ignoring the bridle for now.

6. Move to the neck. You will see the directions of the lines follows the contours of the horse.

7. Add to the neck and jaw.

8. Continue with the neck. I add to the strap.

9. The bridle now has a base of tone. That's all we need as far as base tones go.

10. Switch to the 2B pencil. I tend to blunt the tip and then add tone through overlapping lines rather than use the side of the pencil. I find this adds nice textures. I work over the ears following the direction of the tone already laid down. Note the lighter areas as light hits the ears. This kind of incidental details lifts a drawing considerably.

11. Use the same technique on the neck and begin the bridle. Take your time with this. It is important to vary the pressure to create changes of tone. Also the metal parts are much lighter than the rest. Similarly the bridle is made up of different tones.

12. Carry on with the face using the same methods.


13. The snout.

Colored Pencil Drawings Horse

14. After finishing the bridle I go over the entire drawing darkening it. The way to do this is to use the exact same hand pressure when going over the lines and tone.

Horse Head Drawings 2

In contrast here is a very simple way to draw a horse head. This is a liberating way to draw and also helps with brush control.

I don't think there is any need for much explanation here so just follow the drawings. What I will say is I used a sheet of bristol board which is the perfect surface for ink and brush. I used a no 4 sable brush and winsor and newton black ink. Dip your brush into the ink and wipe off excess if you want to make precise strokes as I did in the closing stages. For earlier stages I didn't do this to get accidental effects.

Horse Pencil Drawing Simple

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Horse Pencil Drawing Pics