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  1. Human heart sketch. By obsessive-fan-girl Watch. 6 Favourites 0 Comments 2K Views. Drawing heart pen sketch. A random pen drawing I did in my sketchbook for art class.
  2. Human Heart Drawing. By Vaughn Aubuchon: Here is a brief simplified drawing of the human heart, showing arterial and venous blood circulation, and the relationship between the heart and the lungs. This is a simplified, two-dimensional Human Heart Diagram.

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Human Heart Drawing – Shade of Mystery Heart This heart is the heart of mystery entitled “Shade of Mystery”. It is the heart drawing representing the mysteries of the human heart. This art piece was created to be a representation of the coolness of our hearts.

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Human Heart Sketches

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Human Heart Sketch Drawing

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Human Heart Sketch Png

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I have been a Paramedic for 8 months. Prior to becoming a Paramedic, I was an EMT-B for 2 years. The human body has always fascinated me, which is part of why I went into the medical field. The way each organ functions separately yet work together. There are so many aspects of the human body we have yet to understand., it should come as no surprise to any that I chose this specific piece of artwork.

Leonardo Da Vinci is known for his works of art. Little did I know, he had an amazing collection of scientific papers and anatomical drawings that he had been working on prior to his death. He was found to have done thousands of drawings, notes, and papers on the human body. An article from BBC News states “clinical anatomists believe that Leonardo’s anatomical work was hundreds of years ahead of its time” (Banerji 2012).

One of my favorite pieces is his anatomical drawing of the human heart. This drawing is believed to have been done between Circa 1511-1513. This drawing has me in awe. It is amazing how Leonardo Da Vinci was able to capture the anatomical structure of the human heart with such accuracy. An article from BBC News states “clinical anatomists believe that Leonardo’s anatomical work was hundreds of years ahead of its time” (Banerji 2012).


In this drawing Leonardo Da Vinci uses lines to create representational and organic shapes. With the shapes and lines, he creates form. He tries to create an accurate representation of the human heart on paper. His drawings are simply monochrome, but he does use tone to aid with definition of the shape and form of the heart.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s lines in this drawing are thin and precise. To me this portrays the fact that he is really trying to capture the essence and likeness of the human heart. He is trying to be as accurate as possible. I believe that this is so that others can see what he saw with the heart. You can really see this in the detail used to draw the vessels and pulmonary valve of the heart.

He uses thicker lines to form the outline of the heart and to give it dimension. The darker, thicker lines seem to be on the outer parts of the heart or in areas in which he wishes to give it the illusion of 3D. As he moves inward, to the center of the drawing, the lines become thinner, lighter, and less pronounced. This better emphasizes his attempt at the illusion of 3D and the form of curves and shape of the heart.

Heart Sketches Drawings

The angles and rotation of the heart in the drawing allow the viewer to see the heart from different perspectives. He does this particular piece of the drawing in an abstract way. This is done to distort the composition of the drawing in such a way that the pulmonary valve is emphasized. This also allows for better visualization of the Right and left Coronary arteries to as they branch off of the Aorta and down the right and left ventricles.


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Human Heart Sketch With Flowers

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Human Heart Sketch

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