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Posted : admin On 1/25/2022
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The LogMeIn Partner Network is expanding to provide Managed Service Providers (MSPs) the ability to sell, manage, and support LastPass Enterprise for their customers. LastPass Enterprise offers an integrated single sign-on and password management solution that allows an MSP to provide best-in-class tools to securely protect their customers passwords and manage access to applications, while driving new revenue streams for their business.

Discover great apps, games, extensions and themes for Google Chrome. LastPass Premium doesn’t come across as a bait-and-switch tactic. Many existing free features simply get upgrades to offer more functionality. Here is the list from the LastPass website if you. Version history for LastPass (Universal Windows installer) (64-bit).

The LastPass MSP solution was designed specifically for Managed Service Providers to maximize customer satisfaction while keeping administration simple. In this solution, LastPass offers a single pane of glass that allows MSP technicians to easily navigate between customers’ sub-accounts to perform administrative tasks. In addition, the solution offers the flexibility to add or remove seats and provides monthly billing options.

Grow your Business by Providing Best-in Class Security to Your Customers

For an MSP, LastPass provides an opportunity to generate new revenue streams while strengthening customer relationships. MSPs can recruit customers or grow existing relationships by offering a solution that meets their customers security needs and minimizes the risk of a successful breach.

According to the 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), 80% of data breaches are caused by weak, reused, and stolen credentials. Any password-protected account is a potential entryway for attackers to gain a foothold in the organization and escalate an attack. Despite the risks, in a recent survey, LastPass found that 66% of respondents always or mostly use the same password for their accounts.

That’s where LastPass Enterprise comes in. Only with a system that effectively blends SSO and SAML with secure password vaulting, can a company effectively manage access and reduce the risk that passwords pose. With LastPass Enterprise, an MSP can provide their customers the tools and features needed to painlessly manage their passwords and share access to accounts.

In addition, as part of the LogMeIn Partner Network, MSPs can take advantage of our sales enablement and training materials to accelerate growth and provide an excellent experience for their customers.

LastPass also supports referral and reseller partners. For more information how on MSPs can build their cybersecurity solution offering, please visit


Lastpass Msi

Why do I see a message about enabling Sideloading for LastPass?

You may encounter this error message if you are a LastPass user with the LastPass for Windows Desktop application and/or the LastPass web browser extension for Edge installed.

Sideloading error for the LastPass for Windows Desktop application

You may encounter the error message, 'We detected that Sideload may not be enabled on your machine. To ensure the LastPass UWP application update is working correctly, please enable sideloading. For further information, contact your system administrator.'

Sideloading error for the LastPass web browser extension for Edge

You may encounter the error message, 'We detected that LastPass extension of Internet Explorer is running. To continue LastPass update, the application needs to be closed.'

Lastpass Download Windows 10

What is Sideloading?


According to Microsoft, the Sideload apps setting is described as, '...typically used by companies or schools that need to install custom apps on managed devices without going through the Microsoft Store, or anyone else who needs to run apps from non-Microsoft sources. In this case, it's common for the organization to enforce a policy that disables the UWP apps setting.'

Regarding the difference between Developer Mode and Sideload apps, Microsoft states, 'Sideload apps is a more secure option than Developer Mode because you cannot install apps on the device without a trusted certificate.


Additionally, Microsoft advises, 'If you sideload apps, you should still only install apps from trusted sources. When you install a sideloaded app that has not been certified by the Microsoft Store, you are agreeing that you have obtained all rights necessary to sideload the app and that you are solely responsible for any harm that results from installing and running the app.'

For more information, please see the Sideload apps section in the Microsoft support knowledgebase.

What is causing this error?

This error message may appear after installing the latest version of the LastPass for Windows Desktop application or LastPass web browser extension for Edge, and the installer file for the latest version (Updater.exe) on the local machine cannot work properly because Sideloading is disabled (either enforced by an admin for a company machine, or enforced locally).


Should I enable the Sideload apps setting?

Lastpass Msi Software

Please contact your system administrator for advisement on whether or not you should enable the Sideload apps setting.

Lastpass Msi Download

If you are a local administrator of your own personal machine or an administrator of a fleet of company machines, you can learn more about managing Sideload app settings from Microsoft.