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When you mirror MacBook to LG smart TV using JustStream, you enjoy great flexibility because it lets you adjust mirroring process according to your needs. What’s more, it allows you to set your videos to either auto, Full HD (1080p) or HD (720p). Plus, you have total control over the mirrored video’s dimensions to ensure it fits the TV screen.

Description of Mirror for LG TV 3.6. Mirror for LG TV 3.6 is an application to mirror the screen of your Mac to any LG Smart TV. No wires and no additional hardware needed. This works on any LG Smart TV from the 2012 models onwards, and on the LG Home Theater System. The quality of your experience will be dependant on the quality of your local. On your web browser, get the application and install it on your Windows 10 and LG TV. Launch the app and click the Computer Screen Mirroring. Just enter the PIN code displayed on the interface of the app on your LG TV to connect. Note: Don’t forget to connect your Windows 10 computer and your LG. Like Roku, while Amazon got an Apple TV app of its own, it does not currently support AirPlay mirroring. Read our Amazon Fire TV Cube review. Dongles Chromecast ($35 or less) and Chromecast Ultra. It is a popular remote mirroring app which you can use to cast your screen to the TV. It is more than just a mirroring app and you can even control the mac from your TV but you would need to connect a keyboard and a mouse using a splitter cable. Nevertheless, Splashtop is a legitimate option to mirror your Mac Screen to the Fire TV Stick.

Perhaps you misunderstand the two display process with a Mac. There are only two modes;
Mirroring is when both screens display the same thing, so your HDTV is just perhaps providing a larger version of the iMac display for using from across the room. The other is Extended Desktop mode, which creates a wide Mac Desktop that extends from one display to the other, based on which order that you have arranged the two display icons in Sys Prefs/Displays. This is why your mouse will travel from one display to the other as it travels across this wide Desktop.
In addition to the order that you have arranged these Desktops, you can choose which one is primary by dragging the Menubar from one icon to the other in Sys Prefs/Displays.
As far as watching videos, I d not have two monitors upon which to test this, but I believe that you can adjust the two displays screen resolutions separately in Sys Prefs/Displays.
If you go to the Help menu in the Finder choose Mac Help. After it opens click the index in the upper right and go to D/Displays. You will find some explanations about using multiple displays with your iMac, including Extended and Mirrored modes.

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If you do not want to watch a movie sitting in front of your Mac, you can share your Mac screen to TV and enjoy the movie on a larger screen. Also, this can help you display a presentation or any files from your Mac to your TV if you are discussing a topic in a large audience. Luckily, there are top screen mirroring tools that can help you screen share Mac to LG TV. Check out these tools below.

Top 3 Tools to Mirror Mac to LG TV

LG Smart Share

To connect Mac to TV, you can rely on the built-in screen mirroring feature of the LG TV – Smart Share. This feature allows you to mirror your phone, tablet, and PC, and Mac to LG TV including the audio-visual capability of the devices. With this, streaming videos and watching movies are highly enjoyable as these movies and being casted on a wider screen. Just follow the simple and easy steps below to mirror Mac to TV.

Lg Tv Mirror Macbook

Lg tv mirror app for mac
  • Using your TV remote to navigate to the Smart Share feature of your TV.
  • On your Mac, click the AirPlay icon located on the right side of the Menu bar. Select your LG TV then choose the name of your Mac to connect.
  • Your Mac is now mirrored to your LG TV.


Next, we have LetsView. This amazing screen mirroring tool can help you cast your Mac’s screen to your LG TV in no time. It is useful for entertainment, app presentations, meetings, livestream, and also teaching because of its high-quality screen mirroring display. To learn how to use this tool to cast and stream Mac to LG TV, simply follow the steps below.

  • Go to the official website of LetsView and download the application on your Mac. Also, install LetsView for TV on your LG TV. You can also click the button below to get the tool.
  • On your Mac, launch the app and click Computer Screen Mirroring.
  • Input the PIN code displayed on your TV to connect your Mac to your LG TV.



Can You Mirror Macbook To Lg Smart Tv

ApowerMirror is also a great tool for screen mirroring Mac to LG TV. This top screen mirroring tool allows you to connect your Mac to your LG TV smoothly with a high definition resolution. You can stream videos, browse photos, display files, and many more with this tool. Check out the steps below to learn how to mirror Mac to LG TV.

How To Mirror Macbook To Lg Tv Wirelessly

  • Get the app and have it installed on your Mac and LG TV. Run the app once installed.
  • Go to your Mac and click TV option on the application’s interface.
  • Enter the PIN code and click the Start mirroring button.
  • Then your Mac will be connected and mirrored to your TV immediately.

Mirror Per Lg Tv Mac


These are the best screen mirroring tools for you to cast Mac to LG Smart TV. All listed tools are helpful and feasible when it comes to using your LG TV as an external screen for your Mac. Moreover, these methods and tools are safe, easy, and free to use. Just choose the one that fits your needs best.

Mirror Macbook On Lg Tv

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