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When you send the audio output to a Bluetooth receiver 'connected' to Apple TV, Apple TV can compensate for any delay in Bluetooth transmission. When you send the audio output to another Apple TV, you're using a second AirPlay link, not Bluetooth. Apple TV collects the audio into packets and sends them to the router, which relays them to the second Apple TV, which unpacks them and plays the sound. Each of those steps introduces a delay over which there is no control. The audio transmissions also need to be fitted in between the mirroring packets.


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Mirror Your Mac To Lg Tv

  1. How to Mirror Your Mac Display with a Wire. If you have a cable that's compatible with your Mac that connects to your TV or monitor, you can also mirror your display the old fashioned way,.
  2. Going first on our list is the mirroring app called ApowerMirror. Highly adaptive and efficient, ApowerMirror works on multiple platforms including Mac and LG TV. So it can connect Mac to LG TV in an instant. It applies mainstream mirroring technology with up to 1080p resolution without any lag.

Can You Mirror Mac To Lg Smart Tv

Method 4: Mirror your Mac desktop to LG TV via Airplay 2 Since HBO Max can be accessed over the web, you can screen your display from your Mac onto your LG TV using Airplay 2. Ensure that your LG TV and macOS computers are connected to the same WiFi network.