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Opera-Arias.com is an aria database containing information about more than 175 Composers, 540 Operas, 2.900 Arias, 900 Duets, 670 Ensembles, 7.400 Scenes and 2800 Singers. Madama Butterfly is a famous three-act opera, composed by Giacomo Puccini and set in early 1900's Japan. It was first performed in Milan in 1904 at the La Scala theatre, and features the well-known aria, Un bel di, vedremo. It centers on Madama Butterfly, a Japanese geisha, and Pinkerton, a US Navy Lieutenant. Popular Operas Guides for popular operas including detailed plot summaries, character breakdowns, video examples and song lists.

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This is very helpful for familiarisation with different operas, composers etc. Also the selection of music is exactly what I was looking for. All the most popular and well-known pieces are there and are performed by world famous artists. This is my absolute favourite opera album and comes everywhere with me.

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Opera-Arias.com is an aria database containing information about more than 175 Opera Composers, 530 Operas, 2,890 Opera Arias, 860 Opera Duets, 620 Opera Ensembles, 2800 Opera Singers and a total of over 7,690 Opera Scenes. The searchability of this aria database has been designed to be as easy as possible and the information as complete as possible.
You can search through opera arias, duets, ensembles, scenes, roles, operas and composers in many differentways. For instance, by works of a certain composer, in a specific language, or for a particular set of voices. You can also browse through the specific lists for all these different combinations. For example Opera duets for two sopranos. We tried tocomplete the aria database with as much information per scene as possible; most scene pages offer aYouTube movie, libretto and more details about the scene and the role. They also contain direct links tofind CD's, DVD's, MP3's and sheet music on different external websites, like Amazon.com andSheetmusicplus.com.
Besides opera arias and other types of opera scenes, you can look for opera roles by language,voice, and/or a certain composer. Operas can be found by language and can be ordered by number ofscenes or arias. In addition composers can be found by country of birth, number of operas, and also by year.
Recently we added the possibility to watch different opera singers performing s specific scene, and look for which scenes certain opera singers performed in the past.
We hope you find what you were looking for in the aria database of Opera-Arias.com! If, for some reason,you did not find it, please do not hesitate to contact us. We realise that this aria database is not complete,and may occasionally even contain some inaccurate information. Please note that some classificationsin opera music are always open for discussion. We will keep working on the aria database to bemore accurate and complete.
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