Reaper 2

Posted : admin On 1/26/2022

Reaper: Season 2 Bret Harrison (Actor), Tyler Labine (Actor), Ron Underwood (Director). MQ-9 Reaper crews (Pilots, Sensor Operators and Mission Intelligence Coordinators), stationed at bases such as Creech Air Force Base, near Las Vegas, Nevada, can hunt for targets and observe terrain using multiple sensors, including a thermographic camera.One claim was that the on-board camera is able to read a license plate from two miles (3.2 km) away.

  1. Reaper 2005 28mm
  2. Reaper 2.5
  3. Reaper 201

The REAPER utilizes our proprietary BOLT technology and adapts it for AEG replicas. The GEN 2 improves on the original design with easier tuning, more consistent feeding, and improved performance, especially with a sub-par regulator.


Reaper 2005 28mm

  • V2 Gearboxes
    • M4 platforms, ICS split gearboxes, V2.5 gearboxes
  • V3 Gearboxes
    • AK, AUG, G36, etc…
  • M249 Gearboxes
    • STONER, SAW, Support Weapons, etc…


  • All standard stocks


  • All standard airsoft regulators
Reaper 2 knife


  • other HPA FCUs
  • Electromechanically – no FCU

Reaper 2.5

Abc reaper

Reaper 201

  • BOLT technology packaged for AEG rifles
  • Consistent seating force regardless of operating pressure
  • Air-saver can be tuned with simple spring change, eliminating the need for separate nozzles and cages
  • Backwards compatible with Gen 1 cylinder, cage, and solenoid
  • Spring-loaded nozzle means that the BB is seated exactly the same every time, regardless of inconsistent regulator refresh rate