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Posted : admin On 1/25/2022
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Reolink App is an easy-to-use security camera system surveillance app. It enables you to locally or remotely access your IP cameras and NVRs on mobile devices. You can monitor and watch live streaming of your home and business anywhere and anytime. It helps you easily get peace of mind. Key Features: 1. Many Reolink cameras are outfitted with micro SD card slots, so you can view, save, share, and download videos from a micro SD card. But if you don’t have one of those (and don’t want to buy one), Reolink does offer a free cloud plan that offers 7 days of storage for 1 camera. Access the kit locally by connecting the system to a monitor or an HD TV, or remotely via intuitive Reolink Client, Reolink App or web browsers. View live feeds of all cameras at the same time, which enables all-around control over your world. Reolink 5MP PoE Camera (Pack of 2) Outdoor Indoor Video Surveillance 5MP HD Poe Camera with 100ft Night Vision: This 5MP Super HD PoE IP camera with 18 infrared LEDs, enabling 65-100ft long-distance night vision range and up to 80˚ wide viewing angle, captures more clearer and sharper images and video, which is great for driveway, hallways, etc.

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Reolink camera remote view issuesPosted by BabySam on 4/21/21 at 7:06 pm
So i have 2 of the 410s and a 1220a that are on IoT network, have client running on pc, and video saved to nas. The 1220 has issues with being accessed remotely on cell service, while the 410s have no issue. I have a ticket in with support and am going back and forth with them. I still get occasional blocks of garble on the screen when viewing live from pc, and it actually records as frozen for a few seconds. Has anyone else seen these kinds of issues with reolink? I find it a bit peculiar with my issues, and how can you say it’s remote viewing capable if you have to be on wifi to do so? They want me to go to another place with wifi to test since support was able to access the camera logon page via UID.

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re: Reolink camera remote view issuesPosted by papasmurf1269 on 4/21/21 at 7:42 pm to BabySam
Reolink ip camera viewer
I have a Reolink 410 system and I really don’t have any issues with it. Sometimes when I’m remote viewing with phone data I have to change the resolution for it to play but that’s it.

re: Reolink camera remote view issuesPosted by BabySam on 4/22/21 at 10:50 am to papasmurf1269

appreciate the response. yeah, idk wtf is going on and now support has requested that i 'check the phone settings to make sure it's for US' and 'use another different sim card from a different provider(AT&T, Verizon, or T-mobile) to access the camera via cellular data'....i want to respond ARE YOU frickING RETARDED?
2 cameras are fine, one isn't...provide a logical troubleshooting wanting to like reolink but right now i'm starting to move towards neutral...especially with others asking me for recommendations on a regular enough basis

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Video Recordings in the Cloud

Save Everything That Matters in the Cloud, Just in Case

Save Everything That Matters in the Cloud, Just in Case

Reolink Cloud can record videos every time motion is detected. You can also set up a custom recording schedule for your needs. No worries for missing a thing, even if your device is stolen or Micro SD card is broken. Access your Cloud video history anytime, from anywhere.

Reolink Cloud and Reolink Products: Better Together

  • Works great with Reolink Go. Achieve security with no WiFi, no power outlets, and save motion events in Cloud service. Explore More
  • Also works with C1 Pro
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• Will All Reolink Products Work with Reolink Cloud?

Currently Reolink Cloud works with Reolink Go and C1 Pro. But we do have plans for its compatibility with other Reolink products. Subscribe or follow us on Facebook and Twitter @ReolinkTech for more Reolink Cloud updates.

• How to Create a Cloud Account?

If you've signed up in Reolink official website, your Reolink account is the one you can use to access Reolink Cloud. Log in with it in Reolink App, so you can start using Cloud storage.

For users who don't have a Reolink account, create a new one in Reolink website or Reolink App to enjoy the Cloud service.

• How Can I Upload and Stop Uploading to the Cloud?

Reolink Camera Viewing Angle

Log into your Cloud account in Reolink App, so you can turn on or turn off Automatic Upload to Cloud in Settings. It will no longer upload videos to Cloud account when you turn off the upload. And all uploaded videos in your Cloud Library can be deleted manually.

• How to View Cloud Video History?

Reolink Camera Viewer

You can log in your Cloud account in Reolink App (iOS, Android), or at Cloud website (coming soon) to check all uploaded videos and Cloud settings.