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Were you looking for Siren Prime or Siren (Notorious Monster) or Siren (Server) or Category: Siren or Siren (Monster)?

The source of Geomancy, housed in the sacred bell of the Order of Renaye in Eastern Adoulin.

Summoning Information


Avatar Element:Wind
Description:Summons Siren to fight by your side.
Type:AvatarSkill:Summoning Magic
Cost:7 MPTarget:Self
Casting Time:7 SecondsRecast Time:4 Seconds
Command:/ma Siren <me>
Spell/Job Level Information


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Blood Pacts

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All of Siren's Blood Pacts are Wind based.

Blood Pact: Rage
1Clarsach CallAstral Flow active. Uses all MP and delivers elemental damage to enemies within area of effect. Additional effect: Multiple buffs for Siren.
1Welt Deals physical damage.
25Roundhouse Deals physical damage.
65Sonic Buffet Deals elemental damage. Additional effect: Dispel.
75Tornado II Deals elemental damage.
99Hysteric Assault Delivers a threefold attack. Additional effect: HP Drain.

Blood Pact: Ward
15Lunatic Voice Silences enemies within area of effect.
31Katabatic Blades Grants the effects of “Enaero” to party members within area of effect.
42Chinook Grants the effects of “Aquaveil” to party members within area of effect.
50Bitter Elegy Grants the effect of “Elegy” to target.
88Wind’s Blessing Grants a Magic Shield effect for party members within area of effect.


  • Can be obtained after the quests The Silent Forest or Winds of Eternity.

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