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Posted : admin On 1/25/2022

When it comes to building and construction, you want to convey to your clients that you are the best in the business. A perfectly designed construction logo will help others understand what you specialize in and what your team is capable of.

Construction logo ideas

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It’s time to get inspired by the raw building materials you work with on a daily basis. If you have a few construction logo ideas in mind already — great! If not, browse our sample logos below to help you get started.

Your business logo should aim to accurately portray what type of construction you specialize in. For instance, your logo could either include an icon of a commercial building, a residential home, or both. Perhaps you want a more simple logo that portrays textured building materials such as brick, stone, or wood. Think about what colors are often associated with the industry, such as yellows, browns, reds, grays, and black. Would you rather your business name or your icon be front and center in your logo? Whatever the case may be, take these ideas and incorporate them into your logo design.

How to design a construction logo

Choose a style

Select a few different styles for your new construction logo, such as a badge, text, or icon design. Opt for having an icon above your text, or add the icon to the left of your text. Feel free to experiment. Your logo’s style can also be adjusted within our logo design app to meet your needs.

Select a font

The type of font you choose plays an important role when designing your construction logo. Whether you choose a serif, sans serif, script or decorative-style font — each will evoke a different message to your customers. Choose from hundreds of modern or classic fonts from our online logo maker database.

Pick a template

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When you design a business logo using LogoMaker, you have thousands of templates to choose from. Our powerful machine learning logo design software will display relevant construction logos that feature your preferred font type and layout. Each template also includes an icon that’s relevant to your industry.

Customize your logo

You’ve chosen a style, a font, and a template; now it’s time to customize your new construction logo. Our logo design software allows you to change the color of the icon, the type of font, the text, and the size and orientation of any element in your logo. We want to help you create a logo that’s as unique as your business.

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