Simple Animal Drawings

Posted : admin On 1/25/2022

This is my very first and favorite drawing picture of animals.

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Drawing animals appeals not only to kids but also to people of all ages. Most common choices are pets, horses, and exotic Zoo animals. Animals captivate us with their innocence and freedom, grace and finesse. Of course, a drawing by hand cannot reveal details as fully as a photo or a video, but often it allows us to get closer to the animal from a desired angle.
Because animals tend to be drawn in motion, they are more complex to draw than objects. You can learn how to draw animals even without a great deal of talent if you draw in stages using a # 2 pencil. Pay close attention to emphasizing the distinct characteristics of an animal of your choice. Although it might take you a couple of attempts to get it right, start with a simple drawing of a cat or a dog. Gradually, you'll perfect your technique over time.

Free printable animal drawingsAnimalA cat looks like a tiger

Even though many animals resemble each other overall, they have different body types, fur, eyes, feet, and so on. Some animals look very similar. For example: a dog and a wolf, a tiger and a lion. A cat looks like a smaller version of a tiger.
Some animals are easier to draw than others. Some animals such as a snake or a hedgehog are less challenging to draw compared to, for instance, a horse, an antelope, or a giraffe. Drawing horses involves a lot of work as you try to accurately convey the smooth lines of these cloven-hoofed animals in motion.
Animals in nature. It's better to draw animals in their natural surroundings to make your drawing appear more believable. If you a beginner, you may be more comfortable with drawing an animal sitting still, so catch your pet at a moment of rest and quickly sketch its outline. Another option is to take a photograph of an animal and refer to it in your drawing.

Outline comes first

It makes it easier to draw an animal by dividing its body into geometric shapes. This helps you determine the precise placement and proportions of parts of the body. Following the stages method, first draw a bear's head, then one of the paws, etc. After you decide on which animal to draw, think about its nature: is it a predator or a prey; is it aggressive or humble; fast or slow? The bear may be bad, but may also be good. If you effectively portray an animal's character, you might be able to divert attention from imperfections in your drawing.

Draw in parts

You may find it easy to draw a horse's body but struggle with drawing its head. This is why try different shapes and angles until you get it right. First draw eyes and ears. This will help you to properly estimate the proportions of the horse's head and to draw the rest of the details in pencil. This technique can be used to draw any part of an animal's body. You can draw animals smiling slightly, even though of course they cannot smile.

Color in your animal drawings Simple Animal Drawings

Animals tend to be brightly colored, particularly the exotic animals. Color can help make your drawing more expressive and transform a rough pencil sketch into beautiful work of art.

I drew this panda bear a while ago and it is my favorite.

Drawing simple animals for kidsDrawing cats

A cat's body has very smooth contours, so press gently on your pencil as you draw a feline. Often times, the eyes are the most expressive feature of an animal's snout. Therefore, extra emphasis should be placed on making the eyes look as realistic as possible.

Step By Step Animal Drawings Easy

Drawing feral cats

A visit to the Zoo might be an effective tool in helping you draw some of the wild animals such as a Puma, a Lion, a Tiger, a Leopard, a Cheetah, a Leopard and a Lynx. They all look alike and have very similar body structure.

Drawing horses

Horses are naturally beautiful and graceful. Large elegant trunk is matched with long muscular legs. It has long neck and head with large eyes. In the beginning, it might be challenging to convey accurate proportions of the head to the body. You must work on the contours of your horse's torso and feet before moving on to other parts of its body.

Drawing cartoon animals

The most important part of drawing cartoon animals is to highlight their similarities with real animals.
Cartoons usually exaggerate all parts of the body, including the head and the eyes to convey a cartoon character's nature, which may be good or bad. When a cartoon animal is a positive character, its eyes are large and a bit naive.

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These cartoon drawings of animals were chosen for their simplicity and aimed directly at the beginner artist.

All you have to do is copy the drawings so you can feel how they are accomplished.

A simple trick when drawing animation is to convert things into basic shapes.

You can also use more than one shape to construct the body, depending on what animal you wish to draw.

An easy way to create a fish is to draw a circle and then make the little changes that turn the circle into a fish.

Let your pencil take over and see what comic book animals emerge. You can put expressions on the fish face to make the sketch funny, sad or whatever.

By studying the cartoon drawings of animals here, notice how a couple of curved strokes represent the scales of a fish. It's little details like that give the cartoon experience.


Cartoonists put human expressions on animals to make them look funny so have a play around and experiment with distorting and exaggerating the animals features.

When I drew the owl, I couldn't resist filling in some detail because he looked fairly ordinary without all the extra lines added.

Take notice of the kind of squiggles you can use to bring character into the sketch. Studying other artwork is another way of learning and we can learn heaps by mimicing patterns and variety of strokes.

These drawings are in outline form so you can color them or alter them any way you want.

You are welcome to copy and paste these cartoony images onto a page and then print them out for some coloring-in fun for the kids.

Cartoon animals are usually such friendly little critters, I even love the frogs which is a bit different to my feelings about them in real life!

Cartoon Horse Drawings

Simple Animal Drawings To Colour

Horses are a challenge for me so I rate them with a high degree of difficulty. I had a terrible time getting the legs right. My drawing is not very good but my intention is that you get the idea on how to convert a horse into an animated character. You are the creator so let your imagination go free.