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Posted : admin On 1/25/2022

Nowadays, record screen from computer to capture a gameplay, video course, presentations or other amazing activities is very common. We know that Windows 10 has a built-in game bar, which can be used to capture the onscreen activities. However, some people said that their game bar not working, black screen and other problems. If you are unfortunately having this issue, all you need is a screen recorder for Windows 10.

As there are so many screen recording tools on the internet, it is not easy for beginners to find the best one to capture their Windows screen. Luckily, we have tested some of the software on the market and list out some of the recommending ones, including freeware and paid recorders. Check the features of them and choose the best and suitable one for you.

  1. Microsoft Windows 10 1607 “Anniversary Update” or later version; 2.8 Ghz 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i3 Processor with 2 CPU Cores or 2.8 Ghz 1st Generation AMD® Ryzen™ 3 Processor with 2 CPU Cores (Recommended 3.5 Ghz 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 Processor with 4 CPU Cores or better or 3.5 Ghz 2nd Generation AMD® Ryzen™ 5 Processor with 4 CPU Cores or better).
  2. دانلود ورژن 2020 نسخه 64 بیتی با حجم 541 مگابايت به همراه Patch. دانلود ورژن 2020 نسخه 64 بیتی با حجم 456 مگابايت ( کرک شده ) دانلود ورژن 2019 نسخه 64 بیتی با حجم 504 مگابايت. رمز فایل:

Part 1: Free Windows 10 Screen Video Recorder

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Screen recording for windows 10 is an essential skill that is mainly used by video tutors since it simplifies the explaining process with the video. More so you can also screen record a specific maneuver of a game and share it with your mates. You definitely would also need a free video recorder to record your Group FaceTime calls and save the awesome memories. Some of the free video recorders offer the same features as the paid software.



This is an open-source program and the best free screen recorder for windows 10. ShareX has numerous advanced and editing tools making it complex software. ShareX is a much powerful option than it appears at first. It has a WorkFlow feature which actually makes it extremely customizable, and you can literally automate your common tasks. For newbies, it might be a light bit confusing. However, it is more focused towards developers and power users.

You can just use a keyboard shortcut to start screen capture, and choose a region, save images automatically, direct upload to cloud, online sharing and more. You can download and install ShareX for free as well.


  • Easy importing of media from the computer.
  • Records the entire screen or the region you desire.
  • For quick navigation, the program has built-in hotkeys.
  • You can easily add color effects as well as watermarks.
  • The program allows easy sharing of the recorded screen video URL.


Camtasia Studio Free Download

  • Doesn't allow webcam recording.
  • Too complex for beginners.

Free Cam

Free Cam is a free screen recorder for windows 10, and with no popping up adverts on the program. This software has both video and audio editor making it easy to perform changes on the screen recording video. The interface of the Free Cam program is simple and intuitive hence no difficulty in using the tool.

You can select a specific area for recordings like a single window, the entire screen or a chosen area, etc. You can even highlight your mouse, making it very convenient. Apart from video recording, it also can record voiceovers, system sounds, background music, etc.

The interface of the Free Cam program is simple and intuitive; hence no difficulty in using the tool. You can fine-tune the recorded videos with ease. There are dedicated options to trim parts, remove noise, and edit audio. The best part is you can share your videos directly to YouTube and save it on your own PC.


  • Gets rid of the background noises.
  • High-resolution screen recording.
  • Easy to use, it's got hotkey control.
  • Mouse indication options (highlight and mouse sounds).
  • One-click upload videos to YouTube


  • Webcam recording is absent.
  • The UI is a bit old-school.


This is a free and open-source program that is best for occasional screen recorders. CamStudio program has few editing tools and compacts the video making it more appealing to the users. The software creates a screen recording video on AVI media file format. This popular editing software has several essential editing features. It also ranks itself as one of the best screen capture software that is free to use. The software creates a screen recording video on AVI media file format after exporting video files.

This is a boon for editors, and this also plays a role in high-quality recordings for both video and audio. Apart from recording, it also has a feature to capture screen, webcam, and also video compression. Similar to other software, it also comes with microphone and webcam recording along with capturing system audio. The best thing is that you can add captions and annotations while editing your videos with ease, thanks to the simple interface.


  • Select your desired output video quality from the available options.
  • Compacts and makes the video into a reasonable file size.
  • It has a nice selection of video styling features.
  • No file length or size limitations.


  • Animation and interactive features are absent.
  • Outputs only to AVI with a conversion to Flash.

Flashback Express

Flashback Express is a free version program that does not limit your screen recording time on Windows 10. This tool allows recording of the webcam, screen as well as sounds. It is a free-to-use screen recorder for Windows 10. It can record screen without watermarks, capture webcam recording. It also lets you save the recording in multiple formats like MP4, AVI, WMV- etc. You can also record multiple screens across monitors if you are using a multi-monitor system.

You can use it for doing tasks like making tutorials, video presentations, for making demos, marketing videos, recording games, and many others. It’s able to work without PowerPoint. You need Windows XP or a higher version if you want to have the best experience using the software.


  • This software comes with a simple and clear interface.
  • You can apply scheduled screen recording for specific apps.
  • It allows users to screen record, multiple monitors.
  • Dedicated gaming settings to meet your needs better.
  • No time limits or watermarks in the recordings.


  • Flashback Express lacks video editing tools.
  • Some features only can be used after paying.


The list would be incomplete without the TinyTake, a top screen video recorder for Windows 10 computers. TinyTake is connected to a cloud-based gallery allowing you to safely store your screen recordings. Besides, this tool enables the user to do many edits to the recorded image and videos. It lets you insert comments on the screen recorded images and videos, and share them with your contacts. You can capture a region or a full window based on your requirements.

You can mark the captured screen, add text box, put highlight, arrow, also blur parts of the screen that contain sensitive information, etc. Moreover, you can drag and drop other images from your computer and put comments for annotation. The maximum length of video you can capture is 120 minutes. It supports one-click-sharing of recordings. You can share upto 2GB in one go. Tiny Take comes with a free-of-cost online file viewer where you can play videos, view images, read documents, etc.


  • Allows bulk sharing of screen recording files.
  • You can use the available shortcut keys or customize your new ones.
  • Free cloud storage feature.
  • There are also sensible premium plans.


  • Screen recording is limited to only 5-minutes sessions.
  • The editor is a little misleading.

Part 2: Paid Screen Recorders for Windows 10

Soft98 camtasia 2020 full

Free version screen recording tools are awesome, however, this is not always the case since some will limit recording time, incorporate watermarks, and sometimes full of ads. Employing a paid 4k screen recorder for Windows 10 gives you access to numerous editing tools, ensures a smooth screen recording and you might also enjoy many more benefits.

Wondershare DemoCreator

DemoCreator is one of the best screen recorders with audio for windows 10. This program comes with many amazing features, it allows capturing computer screen and webcam at the same time. Besides, there are also screen drawing tools and a spotlight, you can mark anything on the screen while recording. Moreover, it also has a built-in video editor, which is embedded with many video templates and effects. Here's a list of the key features of this Windows 10 screen capturing tool.


  • Enables high video quality recording; HD and even 4K.
  • It allows users to record both from the computer and webcam simultaneously.
  • The program allows you to change the size, shape, and color of the cursor.
  • It has an effective zooming system that retains the quality even after zooming.
  • Supports a number of file formats.
  • The program allows you to add annotations; text as well as other symbols.


  • Advanced editing tools are absent.


You will never miss the Camtasia tool in the top and best screen recorder for Windows 10. With Camtasia, you can record anything of your choice including things like presentations, video calls, online classes, websites, applications, and even games if needed. While recording, you can also enable your webcam, microphone, and other sound devices for versatility.

Besides screen recording, this program has an awesome and advanced editing tool capable of giving your output video a professional look. With the software, you can easily add themes, intros, and outros to the screen record. Whether you want to add text, add music, or any other effect, this editor allows you to do it all. Thanks to its simply user interface, even beginners can start editing videos with a wide range of effects on top of their screen recordings.

A unique thing about Camtasia is that you can also adjust the cursor with options like highlight, spotlight, and magnify so that the cursor is clearly visible at all times. At last, once you are done with recording a video and editing it, you can then upload it on any social media platform of your choice directly from the Camtasia app.


  • Camtasia has a built-in library for royalty-free sound effects.
  • It offers excellent tutorial support.
  • This software is also integrated with social sharing.
  • Complete effect control.


  • Camtasia is among the most expensive Windows 10 screen recording tool.
  • Limited present media library.


Bandicam is popular and mostly recommended to gamers simply because it is among the best and powerful game recording tool. The program is capable of recording the entire screen, specific app as well as external video devices such as a webcam. If you do not want to record games but just your screen, Bandicam also offers different modes for both game and screen recording. In either case, you can make a high-quality screen recording combined along with your microphone audio and webcam footage.

Those of you who want to make tutorials would be glad to know that you can also use its real-time drawing feature to explain things easily. Apart from drawings, you can also add images and logos for branding. Unlike most other screen recording tools, Bandicam offers a high compression ratio so that you do not fill up your hard drive by recording only a few videos.


  • While recording, you can insert text and also take screenshots.
  • Insert logos to your screen recording video.
  • You can incorporate animation effects while screen recording.


  • Bandicam only supports a few output video formats.


Icecream has a free as well as a paid version. The free version is limited to only one output format while on the other hand, the paid version supports many output formats such as AVI, MP4, and MOV. The Program support scheduled recording, customized watermarks, and has basic editing tools.

When you are using Icecream to record your computer screen or any application, you can combine it along with your microphone as well as a webcam. This can be quite handy to easily make tutorials. If that is not enough, you can also add annotations and captions to your videos using the inbuilt editor offered by the paid version of Icecream.

Talking about the editor, you can also use it for basic trim and cuts on your videos to ensure that only the important part is used in the final screen recording video. Apart from switching the output format, you can also use its inbuilt editor to change the format of any screen recording videos that you may have already created.


  • You can zoom and make drawings while still screen recording on Windows 10.
  • It allows you to record the whole activity on your PC.
  • Very easy to use, user-friendly interface.


  • Icecream has limited video editing tools.
  • Audio quality sometimes not smooth.


Camtasia 2020

From the listed Windows 10 screen recorders, you can choose the tool that best suits your needs. We would recommend you to go for the free version tool if all you need is supported in the program and save the cash for some other use. For smooth screen recording, sometimes you may reconsider a paid version since it records quality videos, supports multiple output formats, and does not limit your screen recording time.

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  • Compatible with Windows and MacOS
  • English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese language versions
Annual fee

Camtasia 2020 Download

  • Guaranteed next version – Camtasia 2022
  • Priority Support - Dedicated phone queue & expedited handling
  • Volume Benefits - Cumulative discount with 5+ and same key
  • Camtasia Certification - Exclusive training to expand your skills

Soft98 Camtasia 2020 Crack

  • Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) 1709 'Creators Update' version or later (Recommended: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) 'May 2020 Update' version or later)
  • 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i3 Processor or 1st Generation AMD® Ryzen™ 3 Processor (Recommended: 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 Processor or better or 2nd Generation AMD® Ryzen™ 5 Processor or better)
  • 8 GB RAM minimum (Recommended: 16 GB RAM or more)
  • 4 GB of available disk space (Recommended: SSD with 4GB of available disk space)
  • Display dimensions of 1366 x 768 or greater (Recommended 1920 x 1080 or greater)
  • Microsoft .NET 4.7.2 or later (included), WebView2 Runtime (included), Windows N requires the MediaFeature pack for Windows N (Recommended: Microsoft .NET 4.7.2 or later (included), WebView2 Runtime (included), Windows N requires the MediaFeature pack for Windows N)
  • Recommended: Dedicated NVIDIA GeForce 10 series or newer video card
  • Internal microphone (Recommended: USB or other external microphone for voice recording)
  • Internet connection and a TechSmith account are required for the trial and some additional connected features
Feature-Specific recommendations (Windows)

Soft98 Camtasia 2020 Full

  • Powerpoint Import and Camtasia Add-in for PowerPoint require PowerPoint 2016, 2019 or later
  • Playback using the Smart Player is supported on Internet Explorer 11+, Microsoft Edge, latest version for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, iOS 11+ (Safari), Android 5+
  • macOS 10.14 or later (Recommended: macOS 11 or later )
  • 6th-Generation Intel® Core™ i5 Processor with 64-bit support (Recommended: 10th-Generation Intel® Core™ i5 Processor with 64-bit support or M1 Apple Silicon processor)
  • 8GB of RAM (Recommended: 16GB of RAM or greater)
  • 4GB of available disk space (Recommended: SSD with 4GB of available disk space)
  • Internal microphone (Recommended: USB or other external microphone for voice recording)
  • Powerpoint Import requires PowerPoint 2016, 2019 or later for Mac
  • Playback using the Smart Player is supported on Internet Explorer 11+, Microsoft Edge, latest version for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, iOS 11+, Android 5+
  • Internet connection and a TechSmith account are required for the trial and some additional connected features


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