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Posted : admin On 1/26/2022

Documentation for Drupal. Celebrate 20 years of Drupal with us! April is DrupalFest, a month-long series of virtual events focused on community, contribution, and the positive impacts made possible with Drupal. Starting with 4.0.0 this module works for Drupal 8 and 9! And it supports a wide range of Solr versions from 3.6 to 8. While 8.x-2.x merged the multilingual and the 'any schema' backends, 8.x-3.x combined them with the standard backend. In fact the multilingual backend became the unified backend for all purposes.


We created an easy example to run Drupal 8 with Search API and Solr 8.

We use the latest version of Drupal Core (8.7.9), Search API Solr (8.3.7) and Solr 8 to run a simple sandbox project to test and play around.

The current project can be run using a custom configuration or using tour example configuration (recommended).


We use a the Wodby Docker4Drupal image to run a project based on Composer template for Drupal projects


The Solr 8 example template works fine, but you can add a per-language translation configuration (like Spanish). You can read more about it on the official Language Analysis documentation.

We created a git repository cotnaining a template to run the project. You will find all the required steps and explanations on the document.

To review and test the project, follow this link:

tl;dr: Read the Quick Start Guide.

Solr View Drupal 8

Drupal VM makes building Drupal development environments quick and easy, and introduces developers to the wonderful world of Drupal development on virtual machines or Docker containers (instead of crufty old MAMP/WAMP-based development).

It will install the following on an Ubuntu 18.04 (by default) linux VM:

  • Apache 2.4.x (or Nginx)
  • PHP 7.2.x (configurable)
  • MySQL 5.7.x (or MariaDB, or PostgreSQL)
  • Drupal 7 or 8
  • Optional:
    • Selenium (for Behat testing)

Install Solr Drupal 8

It should take 5-10 minutes to build or rebuild the VM from scratch on a decent broadband connection.

Please read through the official documentation:

Drupal 8 Solr Search Block

This VM includes many convenient utilities for local development, most of which can be enabled or disabled as you see fit (not everyone needs or wants an extra bundle of junk that they don't care about wasting their workstation's resources!).