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Berry is a Korean Twitch streamer who is known for her cosplays and dancing. She has over 40,000 followers on Twitch and usually gets between 1,000 and 2,000 concurrent viewers per stream. More Streamer Bans Recently, popular Minecraft YouTuber GeorgeNotFound was banned from Twitch twice in a single week. He tweeted the ban notices from a. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up.

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Streamerbans Drdisrespect Start End Duration; Jul 13th 2020 Jul 14th 2020 1 day Sep 9th 2020 Sep 12th 2020

Twitch DMCA Bans : A look at the streamers banned from the StreamerBans and smaller streamers who faced the axe – A small time Twitch partner Bucklington is said to be the first to be banned by twitch over the DMCA issue. He said that he did not receive the email from twitch as it went to different tab in his email. The community again responded by supporting Buck and argued against the ban. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Twitch: ‘Forsen’ allegedly banned from streaming platform StreamerBans tweeted earlier this morning, September 10 th, that the streamer had been banned from the platform, which is why his channel is no longer visible to viewers.

Initial Business Steps for Streamers - StreamerSquare Jun 19, 2017 · Set up a business email. There’s hardly anything to say on this, you should just do it. Gmail’s free and works great. If your stream handle is CoolStreamerPerson then you can just get CoolStreamerPerson[at] for free, assuming it’s available. This adds some authenticity to your business, helps you obscure your personal email, and ...

AdmiralBahroo has been banned : LivestreamFail Jun 07, 2015 · It seems like the artist is being a bit weird here and seemingly try to mislead. They post a comparison of their original emote and Bahroo's new version of that emote but that isn't the current version, they later take a picture of their computer monitor looking at the emote and it is much more different than that previous comparison. And they are getting pissed off because they claim it is ...

Every Twitch Streamer Banned in 2021 So Far Game Rant Mar 01, 2021 · Every Twitch Streamer Banned in 2021 So Far. 2021 has barely started with there already being many Twitch users banned from the streaming platform- here are all of them so far.

Dr Disrespect banned from Twitch, rumored to be permanent Jun 26, 2020 · Original story: High-profile streamer Guy Beahm, aka Dr Disrespect, has been suspended from Twitch. His removal was made public by the StreamerBans Twitter feed, and while a …

DarkSydePhil Banned From Twitch Game Rant Jul 17, 2020 · The StreamerBans Twitter bot account was the first to detect and report Twitch's latest ban. As the tweet reported, this is Burnell's first ban. As the tweet reported, this is Burnell's first ban.


Alinity From Twitch Got Banned After Banning Herself Over According to the StreamerBans Twitter page, the streaming service has banned her six hours ago. The account is a bot account that tracks banned profiles from the streaming media. With over 49,000 followers, it regularly posts about banned accounts.

CodeMiko is a virtual streamer (V-Streamer) who has slowly gained popularity on Twitch because of her unique technical setup. Most of her interactions on Twitch involve discussions with her followers and answering questions about virtual streaming. However, CodeMiko was once again banned by Twitch earlier today, and the reason behind the ban remains unknown.

For those unfamiliar with virtual streaming, the process involves streaming with a rendered 3D avatar in place of the person streaming. In CodeMiko's case, the virtual avatar is named Miko and the person in her place is simply known as the Technician. Miko's presence on Twitch is made possible through the use of an Xsens motion capture suit with visuals powered by Unreal Engine, a gaming engine used widely in big game titles as well as fan projects like recreating routes in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.


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The Technician describes Miko's channel as a 'quasi interactive RPG' where followers are sometimes able to alter the appearance of Miko during streams by donating money in the form of bits. CodeMiko attained over 200,000 followers in December of last year and has only grown in popularity, so this recent ban is certainly a setback for the channel.

The group StreamerBans, who track channel bans on Twitch, reported this morning that CodeMiko had been suspended by Twitch. The length of the ban and the reasoning behind it is unclear, although fans of hers were quick to speculate. Some noted that she might have been banned for using the word 'simp,' which is scheduled to be banned from usage on Twitch along with other insulting remarks like 'incel.' Most of her followers have been quick to support her, compared to other cases like streamer Fitz, whose fans heavily criticized him for using a slur in a Minecraft stream.

❌ Twitch Partner 'codemiko' (@thecodemiko) has been banned! ❌ 🕘

— StreamerBans (@StreamerBans) January 19, 2021

This is CodeMiko's third ban in the past five months. She was banned twice back in September 2020, once for one day and once for three days respectively, though the reasons for her bans are not detailed by StreamerBans. Permanent bans are usually only issued if a streamer has accrued three bans in one month, though there are special circumstances such as in the case of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate content streamer Zero, who was permanently banned after admitting to sexual misconduct with minors. CodeMiko's response to the ban was simply one Twitter post of the 'Sadge' meme, though she has responded to a few user comments on Twitter since then.

It is interesting that the most common theory surrounding CodeMiko's ban concerns her use of forbidden language, because the ban on words like 'simp' and 'incel' isn't officially effective until Jan. 22 of this month. Though the date is only three days away, this could be the best evidence that there is another reason for CodeMiko's banning. Or it could be that Twitch is simply attempting to set a precedent early to reinforce their new rules. Twitch has been criticized for bans in the past, but it seems likely this one will stick and fans of CodeMiko will have to wait until it lifts to watch her content again.

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