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  1. Words, music and guitar chords to fourteen of Paxton's children's songs. Includes 14 pages of activities (one page for each song) by Darcy A. Scharrett Photos in the book are credited to Kate Paxton All songs are 'Words and music by Tom Paxton'.
  2. Looking for Tom Paxton sheet music? You'll find a wide selection of Tom Paxton sheet music, songbooks, and music books at Sheet Music Plus.
  3. Bradley’s UK BRADM 601 Tom Paxton‘s Children's Song Book: Engelbert The Elephant; Jennifer's Rabbit; Fred; The Marvellous Toy; Come And Play Catch With Me; The Subway Song; Hush-you-bye; Goin' To The Zoo; Katy; Little Brand New Baby; The Thought Stayed Free; My Dog's Bigger Than Your Dog; Let's Pretend; Grey Mares - 74 (reissued in the UK.
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Tom Paxton discography
Studio albums49
Live albums13
Compilation albums95

Tom Paxton (born October 31, 1937) is an American folk singer-songwriter who has had a music career spanning for more than fifty years.[1] In 2009, Paxton received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.[2][3] He is noteworthy as a music educator as well as an advocate for folk singers to combine traditional songs with new compositions.

Tom Paxton discography and songs: Music profile for Tom Paxton, born 31 October 1937. Genres: Contemporary Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Children's Music. Albums include Ramblin' Boy, Ain't That News!, and Forever Changing: The Golden Age of Elektra Records 1963-1973.

Paxton's songs have been featured in the following movies: A Time for Burning (1966), Jennifer on My Mind (1971), Demolition Man (1993), The Family Man (2000), North Country (2005), and Spike (2008).

Paxton's song 'Going to the Zoo' was included in an episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus entitled 'It's the Arts (or: Intermission)' (Season 1, episode 13; aired January 11, 1970; recorded January 4, 1970). 'Going to the Zoo' was also featured on an episode of Sharon, Lois & Bram's Elephant Show entitled 'Zoo' (Season 1, Episode 9; aired, November 5, 1984). His song 'Lyndon Johnson Told the Nation' was included in an episode of American Experience entitled LBJ (1991). 'The Last Thing on My Mind' was included on Bravo ProfilesDolly Parton: Diamond in a Rhinestone World (aired September 6, 1999). A brief clip of Paxton was shown during the 51st Grammy Awards telecast on February 8, 2009, which announced his Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.[2][3] He contributed original music for the short drama The Price of Art (2007; released June 5, 2009).


  1. I'm the Man That Built the Bridges [live] (Gaslight, 1962)
  2. Ramblin' Boy (Elektra, 1964)
  3. Ain't That News! (Elektra, 1965)
  4. Outward Bound (Elektra, 1966)
  5. Morning Again (Elektra, 1968)
  6. The Things I Notice Now (Elektra, 1969)
  7. Tom Paxton 6 (Elektra, 1970)
  8. The Compleat Tom Paxton [live in June 1970 at the Bitter End nightclub, Greenwich Village, Lower Manhattan, New York City] (Elektra, 1971)
  9. How Come the Sun (Reprise, 1971)
  10. Peace Will Come (Reprise, 1972)
  11. New Songs for Old Friends [live] (Reprise, 1973)
  12. Children's Song Book (Bradleys, 1974) (reissued in the U.S. ten years later under the title The Marvelous Toy and Other Gallimaufry (Cherry Lane / Flying Fish, 1984))[4]
  13. Something in My Life (Private Stock, 1975)
  14. Saturday Night (MAM, 1976)
  15. New Songs from the Briarpatch [live] (Vanguard, 1977)
  16. Heroes (Vanguard, 1978)
  17. Up and Up (Mountain Railroad, 1979)
  18. The Paxton Report (Mountain Railroad, 1980)
  19. Bulletin (Hogeye, 1983)
  20. Even a Gray Day (Flying Fish, 1983)
  21. Tom Paxton in the Orchard (Cherry Lane Records, 1984)
  22. One Million Lawyers and Other Disasters (Flying Fish, 1985)
  23. A Paxton Primer (Pax, 1986)
  24. Folksong Festival 1986 (Pax, 1986)
  25. And Loving You (Flying Fish, 1986)
  26. Balloon-alloon-alloon (Sony Kids' Music, 1987)
  27. Politics Live [live] (Flying Fish, 1988)
  28. The Very Best of Tom Paxton (Flying Fish, 1988)
  29. In The Orchard [live] (Sundown Records, 1988)
  30. Storyteller (Start Records Ltd, 1989)
  31. It Ain't Easy (Flying Fish, 1991)
  32. A Child's Christmas (Sony Kids' Music, 1992)
  33. Peanut Butter Pie (Sony Kids' Music, 1992)
  34. Suzy Is a Rocker (Sony Kids' Music, 1992)
  35. Wearing the Time (Sugar Hill, 1994)
  36. Live: For the Record [live] (Sugar Hill, 1996)
  37. A Child's Christmas/Marvelous Toy and Other Gallimaufry (Delta, 1996)
  38. A Car Full of Songs (Sony Kids' Music, 1997)
  39. Goin' to the Zoo (Rounder, 1997)
  40. I've Got a Yo-Yo (Rounder, 1997)
  41. The Best of Tom Paxton (Hallmark, 1997)
  42. Live in Concert [live] (Strange Fruit, 1998)
  43. Fun Animal Songs (Delta, 1999)
  44. Fun Food Songs (Delta, 1999)
  45. A Car Full of Fun Songs (Delta, 1999)
  46. I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound: The Best of Tom Paxton (Rhino, 1999)
  47. Best of the Vanguard Years (Vanguard, 2000)
  48. Stars in Their Eyes (Cub Creek Records, 2000), duet with Mark Elliott
  49. Live From Mountain Stage [live] (Blue Plate, 2001)
  50. Under American Skies (Appleseed and Koch International, 2001)
  51. Ramblin' Boy/Ain't That News! (Warner Strategic Marketing, 2002)
  52. Your Shoes, My Shoes (Red House, 2002)
  53. Looking for the Moon (Appleseed, 2002)
  54. American Troubadour (Music Club, 2003)
  55. Best of Friends [live on February 16, 1985 at Holsteins folk club, Chicago, Illinois] (Appleseed Recordings, 2004) (originally taped for broadcast by WFMT's The Midnight Special radio show by its host, Rich Warren)[5]
  56. The Compleat Tom Paxton (Even Compleater) [live] (Rhino Handmade, 2004)
  57. Outward Bound/Morning Again (Wea/Rhino, 2004)
  58. Live in the UK [live] (Pax, 2005)
  59. Live at McCabe's Guitar Shop [live] (Shout Factory, 2006)
  60. Comedians and Angels (Appleseed, 2008)
  61. Redemption Road (Pax Records, 2015)
  62. Boat in the Water (Pax Records, 2017)
  63. Live at Portland, Oregon, November 7, 2017 (2018) with The Don Juans
  64. The Essential (Apple Music, 2019)
  65. Live! (Bandcamp, 2019) with The Don Juans

Compilations and other recordings[edit]

  • 1963 Newport Broadside [Compilation] [Live] (Vanguard, 1964)
  • Broadside Ballads, Vol. 3: The Broadside Singers (Folkways, 1964)
  • The Folk Box: Various Artists (Elektra, 1964)
  • Folksong '65 Elektra 15th Anniversary Commemorative Album (Elektra, 1965)
  • Tom Paxton: Tom Paxton (7-inch EP released in the UK)(EPK 802) (Elektra, 1967)
  • Alive!Chad Mitchell Trio album (Reprise, 1967)
  • Fantastic Folk: Various Artists (Elektra, 1968)
  • Select Elektra: Various Artists (Elektra, 1968)
  • Elektra's Best: Volume 1, 1966 through 1968: Various Artists (Elektra, 1968)
  • Something to Sing About Various Artists (No label, circa 1968)
  • Begin Here: Various Artists (Elektra, 1969)
  • First Family of New Rock Various Artists (Warner Bros., 1969)
  • 4/71: Various Artists: Elektra EK-PROMO 3 (Elektra, 1971)
  • A Tribute to Woody Guthrie Part One [Live 1968] (CBS, 1972)
  • A Tribute to Woody Guthrie Part Two [Live 1968] (Warner Bros., 1972)
  • Broadside Ballads, Vol. 6: Broadside Reunion (Folkways, 1972)
  • Greatest Folksingers of the '60s (Vanguard, 1972)
  • Garden of Delights: Various Artists (Elektra, 1972)
  • The Camera and the Song: Oklahoma Folk (BBC documentary soundtrack) (1976)
  • Kerrville Folk Festival 1977 [Live] (P.S.G. Recording, 1977)
  • Philadelphia Folk Festival [Live 1977] (Flying Fish, 1978)
  • Bread & Roses Festival 1977 [Live] (Fantasy, 1979)
  • The Perfect HighBob Gibson album (Drive Archive, 1980)
  • CooP – Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 2, No. 1) First Anniversary (Folkways, 1983)
  • Bleecker and MacDougal: The Folk Scene of the 1960s (Elektra, 1984)
  • Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 2, No. 10) (Folkways, 1985)
  • Storytellers: Singers & Songwriters (Warner Bros., 1987)
  • A Tribute to Woody Guthrie (Warner Bros., 1989)
  • Folked Again (Mountain Railroad, 1989)
  • Ben & Jerry's Newport Folk Festival 88 (Alcazar, 1989)
  • All-Ears Review, Volume 7: Still Amazing After All These Years (ROM, 1989)
  • The Greenwich Village Folk Festival 1989–90 (Gadfly, 1990)
  • Ben & Jerry's Newport Folk Festival, Vol. 2 (Alcazar, 1990)
  • Newport Folk Festival (Vanguard, 1991)
  • Smithsonian Collection of Folk Song America, Vol. 3 (Smithsonian, 1991)
  • Troubadours of the Folk Era, Vol. 2 (Rhino, 1992)
  • American Folk Legends (Laserlight, 1993)
  • Put on Your Green Shoes (CBS, 1993)
  • Animal TalesBill Shontz album (Lightyear, 1993)
  • Freedom Is a Constant Struggle (Songs of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement) (Folk Era, 1994)
  • Folk Song America, Vol. 3 (Smithsonian Folkways, 1994)
  • Folk [Friedman] (Friedman/Fairfax, 1994)
  • To All My Friends in Far-Flung PlacesDave Van Ronk album (Gazell, 1994)
  • Never Grow OldAnne Hills and Cindy Mangsen album (Flying Fish, 1994)
  • Christine Lavin Presents: Follow That Road: 2nd Annual Vineyard Retreat (Philo, 1994)
  • A Child's Holiday (Alacazam!/Alcazar, 1994)
  • The SilverWolf Homeless Project (Silverwolf/IODA, 1995)
  • LifeLinesPeter, Paul and Mary album (Warner Bros., 1995)
  • Makin' a Mess: Bob Gibson Sings Shel SilversteinBob Gibson album (Asylum, 1995)
  • One More Song: An Album for Club Passim (Philo, 1996)
  • Christine Lavin Presents: Laugh Tracks Vol.2 (Shanachie, 1996)
  • Treestar Revue (Beacon, 1996)
  • A Child's Celebration of Song, Vol. 2 (Rhino, 1996)
  • A Very Cherry Christmas [Box Set] (Delta, 1996)
  • Kid Songs Roth & Paxton & Young (Sony Special Products, 1996)
  • Dog Songs (Disney, 1996)
  • Vanguard Folk Sampler (Vanguard, 1996)
  • Vanguard Collector's Edition [Box Set] (Vanguard, 1997)
  • Christmas Treasures, Vol. 3 (Delta, 1997)
  • Christmas Treasures [Box Set] (Laserlight, 1997)
  • Christmas for Kids (Laserlight, 1997)
  • Legendary Folk Singers (Vanguard, 1997)
  • What's That I Hear? The Songs of Phil Ochs (Sliced Bread, 1998)
  • Where Have All the Flowers Gone: The Songs of Pete Seeger (Appleseed, 1998)
  • Kerrville Folk Festival – 25th Anniversary Album (Silverwolf/IODA, 1998)
  • Kerrville Folk Festival: Early Years 1972–1981 [Live] [Box Set] (Silverwolf, 1998)
  • Generations of Folk, Vol. 2: Protest & Politics (Vanguard, 1998)
  • Diamond Cuts (Hungry for Music, 1998)
  • American Pie [Various Artists] (ZYX, 1998)
  • Around the CampfirePeter, Paul and Mary album (Warner Bros., 1998)
  • A Child's Christmas List (Delta, 1999)
  • Sweet Dreams of HomeMae Robertson album (Lyric Partners, 1999)
  • Best of Broadside 1962–1988 [Box Set] (Folkways, 2000)
  • Follow the Music: Various (Elektra, 2000)
  • Kerrville Folk Festival (Silverwolf, 2000)
  • Soup Happens Hot Soup album (Souper, 2000)
  • Philadelphia Folk Festival – 40th Anniversary [Live] [Box Set] (Sliced Bread, 2001)
  • Vietnam: Songs from a Divided House (Q. Records, 2001)
  • Kids, Cars and Campfires (Red House, 2001)
  • Washington Square Memoirs: The Great Urban Folk Boom, 1950–1970 [Box Set] (Rhino, 2001)
  • Radio Shows: Greatest Mysteries (Radio Spirits, 2001)
  • Vanguard: Roots of Folk (Vanguard, 2002)
  • Kerrville Folk Festival: The Silverwolf Years [Box Set] (Silverwolf, 2002)
  • Celebration: Philadelphia Folk Festival 40th Festival (Sliced Bread, 2002)
  • This Land Is Your Land: Songs of Unity (Music for Little People, 2002)
  • Seeds: The Songs of Pete Seeger, Vol. 3 (Appleseed, 2003)
  • A Beachwood Christmas (Beachwood, 2003)
  • Bon Appétit! Musical Food FunCathy Fink & Marcy Marxer album (Rounder, 2003)
  • cELLAbration: A Tribute to Ella Jenkins (Folkways, 2004)
  • Hail to the Thief II: Songs to Send Bush Packing (2004)
  • Missing Persians File: Guide Cats Blind, Vol. 2 (Osmosys, 2005)
  • Pop Masters: Early Mornin' Rain (Carinco AG/Digital Music Works, 2005)
  • Christine Lavin Presents: One Meat Ball (Appleseed, 2006)
  • Forever Changing: The Golden Age Of Elektra Records 1963–1973 (Rhino/Wea, 2006)
  • Sowing the Seeds: The 10th Anniversary (Appleseed Recordings, 2007)
    • Carolyn Hester released an album entitled Tom Paxton Tribute (Road Goes on Forever, 1999)

Music books[edit]

  • Ramblin' Boy and Other Songs by Tom Paxton (music book) (Oak Publications, 1965)
  • Tom Paxton Anthology (music book) (United Artists Music Co., 1971)
  • Tom Paxton Folio of Songs (music book) (United Artists Music Co., 1972)
  • Tom Paxton Easy Guitar (music book) (United Artists Music Co., 1975)
  • Politics (music book) (Cherry Lane Music, 1989)
  • I Can Read Now (sheet music) (Pax Records / Cherry Lane Music, 1989)
  • The Authentic Guitar Style of Tom Paxton (music book) (Cherry Lane Music, 1989)
  • Tom Paxton's Children's Songbook (music book) (Cherry Lane Music, 1990)
  • A Car Full of Songs (music Book) (Cherry Lane Music, 1991)
  • Wearing the Time (music book) (Cherry Lane Music, 1994)
  • Ramblin' Boy and Other Songs (Music Sales Corporation, 1997)
  • The Honor of Your Company (music book) (Cherry Lane Music, 2000)

Non-music books[edit]

  • Aesop's Fables (William Morrow & Co, 1988)
  • Belling the Cat and Other Aesop's Fables (William Morrow & Co, 1990)
  • Engelbert the Elephant (William Morrow & Co, 1990)
  • Androcles and the Lion: And Other Aesop's Fables (William Morrow & Co, 1991)
  • Birds of a Feather and Other Aesop's Fables (William Morrow & Co, 1993)
  • The Animals' Lullaby (Let Me Read, Level 3) (William Morrow & Co, 1993)
  • Where's the Baby? (HarperCollins, 1993)
  • Engelbert Moves the House (Let Me Read, Level 3) (Good Year Books, 1995)
  • The Story of Santa Claus (HarperCollins, 1995)
  • The Story of the Tooth Fairy (William Morrow & Company, 1996)
  • Going to the Zoo (William Morrow & Company, 1996)
  • Meet Tom Paxton – An Interview With Tom Paxton: Level 3 Reader (Good Year Books, 1996)
  • Engelbert Joins the Circus (HarperCollins, 1997)
  • The Jungle Baseball Game (Morrow Junior, 1999)
  • Jennifer's Rabbit (HarperCollins, 2001)


  • Tom Paxton In Concert (video) (Shanachie Records, 1992)
  • Other appearances:
    • Pete Seeger's Rainbow Quest (TV show) (1965)
    • BBC's Tonight in Person (TV show) (1966)
    • Once More with Felix – aka 'The Julie Felix Show' (December 30, 1967)
    • BBC's in Concert (TV show) (1970)
    • The Mike Douglas Show (June 3, 1970)
    • The Val Doonican Show (July 3, 1971)
    • Tom Jones Variety Special #5 (July 15, 1971)
    • Beat-Club episode #1.64 (1971)
    • Soundstage: Just Folks with Odetta, Josh White, Jr. and Bob Gibson (1980)
    • Chords of Fame (1984)
    • Folk City: 25th Anniversary Concert with Odetta, Joan Baez, Eric Andersen, Arlo Guthrie (1987)
    • The Folk Music Reunion (1988)
    • The Story of the Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem (1991)
    • Peter, Paul and Mary: Lifelines (1996)
    • This Land Is Our Land: The Folk Rock Years II (2003)
    • Get Up, Stand Up: The Story of Pop and Protest (2003)
    • Peter, Paul and Mary: Carry It On – A Musical Legacy (2004)
    • The Ballad of Greenwich Village (2005)
    • Pete Seeger: The Power of Song (2007)
    • Let's Get Together: Highlights of the 20th Annual World Folk Music Association Benefit Weekend Concert (2008)


Paxton's songs have been recorded by (among others):

  • Au Go-Go Singers (featuring Stephen Stills and Richie Furay)
  • Johnny Cash (with Diana Trask)
  • Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner
  • Paddy Reilly with The Dubliners


Tom Paxton Children's Songbook Book

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January 2015: I attended Tom Paxton's performance at the Florence (Oregon) Folk Festival on Saturday, January 17 and it was a good one! Sadly he stated that this may be his last tour. Makes me all the more glad that I attended this 'sold out' performance. Here are a few photos I took during the performance.

September 2004: The Outward Bound / Morning Again CD was released on August 2, 2004 and copies are being received by those who ordered it from Amazon. I got mine on August 30. You can order it at Amazon here: Click Here to Order Outward Bound/Morning Again. Rhino Handmade has updated their web page to give details on their limited edition release of The Compleat Tom Paxton (Even Compleater) and it looks like one that Paxton fans won't want to miss! Only 2500 copies are available.
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News as of January 29, 2004: Tom Paxton's 2002 CD on Appleseed, 'Looking for the Moon' is a finalist for this year's Grammy Award in the 'Best Contemporary Folk Recording' category. The awards ceremony will take place in Los Angeles on February 8, so keep your fingers crossed! I have also listed a new album, 'Best of Friends' to be released next month by Tom Paxton, Anne Hills, and Bob Gibson.

Tom Paxton has produced quite a few albums of his own and there are also many albums which contain a track or three by him or which feature his songs recorded by other artists. I don't usually list such albums on these pages but you might be interested to know that he can be heard, along with Anne Hills, on Appleseed's recent 2-CD set by Pete Seeger & Friends, 'Seeds: The Songs of Pete Seeger, Vol. 3,' which coincidentally is a Grammy finalist in the 'Best Traditional Folk Recording' category. Although Paxton is only listed with one song, 'Times A-Getting Hard, Boys', It may still be of interest to some of my readers. Click Here to order Seeds: The Songs of Pete Seeger, Vol. 3 from

Tom Paxton Children's Songbook Cd

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There is now an Official Tom Paxton web site! Check it out at It includes information about his tour schedule, a place to sign up for his email newsletter, and even some free mp3 files you can download!

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Finally, thanks to Mr. Paxton's agent for an 'official' Tom Paxton Discography. Thanks to Martin Waters [email protected] for his contribution of details for the album 'Ain't That News' and much of the information about British Releases. Thanks also to many of you who have written me providing additional information, and sharing your experiences along with your warmth and affection for Mr. Paxton's music.

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Tom Paxton Children's Songbook Series

Tom Paxton Publications

1962I'm the Man That Built the BridgesGaslight
1964Ramblin' BoyElektra
1965Ain't That NewsElektra
1965Ramblin' Boy and Other Songs by Tom Paxton (music book)Oak Publications
1966Outward BoundElektra
1967Morning AgainElektra
1968The Things I Notice NowElektra
1970Tom Paxton #6Elektra
1970The Compleat Tom PaxtonElektra
1971How Come the SunReprise
1971Tom Paxton Anthology (music book)United Artists Music Co.
1972Tom Paxton Folio of Songs (music book)United Artists Music Co.
1972Peace Will ComeReprise
1973New Songs for Old FriendsReprise
1974Children's Song Book Bradleys
1975Tom Paxton Easy Guitar (music book)United Artists Music Co.
1975Something in My LifePrivate Stock
1976Saturday NightMAM
1977New Songs from the BriarpatchVanguard
1979Up and UpMountain Railroad
1980The Paxton ReportMountain Railroad
1983Even a Gray DayFlying Fish
1984The Marvelous Toy and Other GallimaufryFlying Fish
1985One Million Lawyers and Other DisastersFlying Fish
1986A Paxton PrimerPax
1986A Folk Song FestivalPax
1986And Loving YouFlying Fish
1987Balloon -AIloon-AloonSony Kids' Music
1988Politics LiveFlying Fish
1988The Very Best of Tom PaxtonFlying Fish
1988In The OrchardSundown Records
1989Politics (music book)Cherry Lane Music
1989I Can Read Now (sheet music)Pax Records / Cherry Lane Music
1989The Authentic Guitar Style of Tom Paxton (music book)Cherry Lane Music
1990Tom Paxton's Children's Songbook (music book)Cherry Lane Music
1989StorytellerStart Records Ltd
1991It Ain't EasyFlying Fish
1991A Car Full of Songs (music Book)Cherry Lane Music
1992A Child's ChristmasSony Special P?
1992Peanut Butter PieSony Kids' Music
1992Suzy Is a RockerSony Kids' Music
1992Tom Paxton In Concert (video)Shanachie Records
1994Wearing the TimeSugar Hill
1994Wearing the Time (music book)Cherry Lane Music
1996Live for the RecordSugar Hill
1996A Child's ChristmasDelta
1996The Story of the Tooth Fairy (non-music book by Tom Paxton)William Morrow & Company
1996Going to the Zoo (non-music book by Tom Paxton)William Morrow & Company
1997A Car Full of Songs (see also 1999)Sony Kids' Music
1997Goin' to the ZooRounder
1997I've Got a Yo-YoRounder
1997The Best of Tom PaxtonHallmark
1998Tom Paxton Live In ConcertStrange Fruit
1999Fun Animal SongsDelta
1999Fun Food SongsDelta
1999A Car Full of Fun Songs (See also 1997)Delta
1999I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound:
The Best of Tom Paxton
1999Tom Paxton TributeRoad Goes on Forever
2000The Honor of Your Company (music book)Cherry Lane Music Company
2000Tom Paxton: Best of the Vanguard YearsVanguard
2001Live From Mountain StageBlue Plate
2001Under American SkiesAppleseed and Koch International
2002Ramblin' Boy/Ain't That NewsWarner Strategic Marketing
2002Looking For The MoonAppleseed
2002Your Shoes, My ShoesRed House
2002American TroubadorMusic Club
2004Best of FriendsAppleseed Recordings
Aug. 2, 2004Outward Bound/Morning AgainWea/Rhino
2004The Compleat Tom Paxton (Even Compleater)Rhino Handmade
2005Live in the UKPax
July 11, 2006Live at McCabe's Guitar ShopShout Factory
February 19, 2008Comedians & AngelsAppleseed Records

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