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I write this code using Twisted Python but it complete only one cycle after that reactor stop can you please help and that how i can run the Twsited addcallback function into the loop according to certain condition did not complete thank you. Please look at the code. 2:)Extracting Code From Website. Def parseHtml(html). Event-driven Python. asyncore: standard library module for writing asynchronous socket service clients and servers. (Stackless). gevent: coroutine-based library using greenlets to provide a synchronous API on top of the libevent event loop. Twisted is an event-driven networking engine in Python. It was born in the early 2000s, when the writers of networked games had few scalable and no cross-platform libraries, in any language, at their disposal. As with Python, Twisted's user base has been expanding from its academic roots to the commercial and government sectors. At Zoto, we're using Twisted in a distributed photo storage and management application, because it enables us to develop scalable network software quickly in a famously productive language, Python. Explore Twisted, the Python-based event-driven networking engine, and review several of its most popular application projects. It is written by community leaders who have contributed to many of the projects covered, and share their hard-won insights and experience.


*NOT* just framework for WebProgramming, but includes a scalable and safe web server that outperforms apache in terms of security and scalability.



stable version

Twisted Python 3.8

Python twisted documentation
everywhere Python runs
Python versions
2.5 or later, but not 3.*

Deployment Platforms

Windows, UNIX. Special support for FreeBSD kernel features.


Out of the box

HTTP, FTP, NNTP, SSH, SOCKSv4, IRC, POP3, SMTP, Telnet, AOL's TOC, OSCAR, MouseMan, finger, Twisted Perspective Broker, see

Twisted Python
Through additional modules


Development Interfaces

Environment Access

Session, Identification and Authentication

Persistence Support

Twisted Python

Twisted provides an interface to any Python DB-API 2.0 compliant database through an asynchronous interface which allows database connections to be used, and multiplexed by multiple threads, while still remaining thread-safe for use with Twisted's event-based main loop.

Twisted Enterprise integrates with Twisted Web and other Twisted services, making it easy to generate dynamic content from an enterprise data source of any variety.

The best supported database at the moment, because we here at Twisted Matrix Labs like it the best, is PostgreSQL.

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Presentation Support


Twisted integrates a large number of consistent APIs for developing new Internet services. This translates to a wide number of protocols and components that are ready to work with your new server before you've written the first line of code.

In addition to legacy protocol support, the twisted.spread package allows developers to quickly develop new protocols and services with arbitrarily complex interfaces, prototyping new client functionality on the fly.

What does this mean in terms of development time? If you're developing a new server, it could take literally a year off of your implementation time -- and that's just now. Twisted development is proceeding at a rapid pace, and by the time you've finished your development you may find a host of new features that you didn't have to spend a moment thinking about!

Twisted comes under a relatively non-restrictive open-source license, making it suitable for both commercial and open-source development.


Twisted on Windows

It works ok until you want to deploy as a service. I found that tricky - I had to write my own service to start and stop twisted (as of 1.3). TwistedWebServerSampleOnWindows