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Posted : admin On 1/26/2022

Rockstar Games Social Club x Twitch Prime members: Be first in line to get a Master Penthouse FREE for purchase

Twitch Prime Gta Benefits

Jul 07, 2020 According to the Twitch Prime website, for the time being players can earn $1,000,000 in free Grand Theft Auto money for each month they play. Specifically, players can earn $200,0000 of GTA Online money every week, and if they play for four weeks, they can get an additional $200,000 on in-game currency, amounting to a million in total. Apr 29, 2021 (Error Code: 100013) Twitch Prime Gaming members are eligible for many cool GTA Online offers and goodies in 2021. April sees players gain access to some amazing benefits including $200,000 in GTA$ cash each week, free submarine upgrades, huge discounts on vehicles, and more.

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It’s almost here. The massive construction project on the corner of Vinewood Park Drive and Mirror Park Boulevard is nearing completion, radically changing the skyline of Los Santos forever. When the brand-new Diamond Casino & Resort opens its doors, one and all are welcome inside to play, or to reside in Southern San Andreas’ most luxurious residence — and Twitch Prime members will receive exclusive benefits in this massive new update to GTA Online.

Get access to the Master Penthouse for free with Twitch Prime and become a member of The Diamond Family.

Players that link their Rockstar Games Social Club and Twitch Prime accounts through July 19 will get free access to the Master Penthouse in the Diamond Casino & Resort as soon as it opens.

With the Master Penthouse you’ll become a member of The Diamond family, and the family business needs your attention. Help property owner Tao Cheng and The Diamond staff protect their investment from the clutches of a corrupt family of Texan petrochemical magnates in a series of all new co-operative missions. Each mission pays out special Awards for first-time completion and hosting the entire story thread will reward you with a highly coveted, brand-new vehicle free of charge. You can also pickup additional work and odd jobs to earn extra cash and chips with a quick phone call to the Diamond’s Head of Operations, Agatha Baker.

More than just a playground, The Diamond Casino & Resort is the one-stop destination for quality entertainment, high-end living and a range of experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

Twitch Prime Members: Sign up through 7/19 to get free access to the Master Penthouse for the Diamond Casino and Resort as soon as it opens.

Players who link their Rockstar Games Social Club account with Twitch Prime and claim their Twitch Prime benefits by the end of day on July 19th will not only be able to purchase the Master Penthouse for free in the Diamond Casino & Resort as soon as it’s available, but they’ll also receive GTA$1.25M and up to 15% extra GTA$ on purchases of Shark Cash Cards. Sign up now!

Bonus: More Membership Perks

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Rockstar Games Social Club x Twitch Prime Benefits also provides a host of in-game benefits, rewards and discounts for Red Dead Online players. Starting on July 23 players can receive:

Free and no rank lock access to:

  • The Carcano Sniper Rifle

  • ‘The Tasman’ Outfit for male characters

  • The Danube’ Outfit for female characters

  • The ‘How Dare You’ Emote

  • An additional 10% discount on all game-wide discounts

Players that have linked their accounts and claimed their benefits through July 19 will have access to these benefits in-game on July 23, otherwise the benefits will be available within 7–10 days of finishing those steps. Sign up now!

Stay tuned to Twitch Prime social accounts for the latest details on Rockstar Games Social Club X Twitch Prime benefits.