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Posted : admin On 1/26/2022

A long time ago, cowboys used to brand cattle to mark ownership. This is exactly what you need to do in order to make your brand more powerful and communicate trust and ownership to your clients.

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A great logo can have the power to tell customers who you are, what type of products or services you are selling, or what benefits you offer.

Creating a logo has never been easier. With Wix, you can create a logo that helps define the visual identity for your brand. Using the Wix Logo Maker, you can create and customize every aspect of the design to fit your business's look and feel. Step 1 Provide Details About Your Business, Industry and Branding.

At the same time, a logo that is creative in terms of design and color can truly draw the attention of new customers and invite them to get to know you. Even more, it can distinguish you from the competition, making you stand out. A good logo reflects who you are and should dare to be as different as possible from all the rest.

Brand loyalty is also an important aspect and it is something that any business needs to foster. A logo that is recognizable and familiar goes a long way toward building brand loyalty.

However, while many understand the importance of a well-design logo, actually creating it can be a challenge. Unless you have a professional designer that will bring you plenty of ideas to choose from, creating a logo can be a hard task, as it has to deliver more than just a great look.

Thankfully, Wix has created the perfect tool to help both start-ups and bigger businesses create their logo in an easy, free way.

If you are at the beginning of your journey into the business world, Wix Logo Maker will help you more than you can imagine. Why? Because it allows you to create a logo that not only looks amazing, but also delivers trust and creates a strong brand identity – for free!

Here are some benefits of using Wix Logo Maker

  • It is easy to use – just like all the other Wix tools, the Logo Maker is very easy to use, so that both beginners and more advanced users can create the logo of their dreams for their business
  • 100% customizable – the only thing that stays in your way of designing the perfect logo is your imagination, as Wix Logo Maker allows you to fully customize the font, size, colors and icons, offering endless possibilities!
  • It’s free – Wix Logo Maker is a free tool, allowing you to easily create a logo without having to think about the costs
  • Accessible – you can download the files containing your logo right after you have finished creating it; even more, you can use it anywhere you want!
  • Stunning quality – the finished piece comes in high-resolution, so that you can benefit from a logo that you will love

Starting a business can be tough, and every little help matters a lot. Wix Logo Maker is here to make your life easier, and give your products and services the identity that they need. Even more, the tool also has a Random Logo Generator to help you get some ideas in case you are not that inspired.


In addition, Wix Logo Maker comes with a very rich library of cliparts (180,000+ shapes) so that you easily find exactly what you are looking for.

Wix Logo Maker Creation Process

The first thing that you need to do is enter the name of your business or organization. After that, describe what you do, so that Wix can create a logo design that best fits your needs.

Submit your answers in order to create a free logo online with Wix Logo Maker. Allow a few processing seconds and see the result: you can now customize your logo design so that it looks exactly the way you want it to.

Now, simply download your design and use it as you wish!

You won’t believe how easy it is to obtain a great logo in a matter of minutes with Wix! No more brainstorming sessions, no more stress and no more money spent on results you’re not even happy with!

Wix Logo Creator Free

There are more logo makers tools that are easy to use and very intuitive, generating a bunch of logo ideas in just one click. It offers plenty of options and has a palette with random gradient colors that you can simply select and use on your logo style.

Get ready to offer your business an identity that will last for many years to come! Allow your customers to trust and embrace your brand, as your logo is going to be just the right one!

Wix Logo Maker lets you create a logo without hiring a designer

Wix logo creator free

The logo is an integral part of brand identity since it depicts your company’s characteristics and tells its story. Before publishing your website you must have a logo that is in line with the design fundamentals and the latest design trends. But the problem is that only a graphic designer is familiar with them. So to overcome this hurdle Wix has brought its own logo creator that can be used by non-professionals.

What makes a great logo?

Before getting your hands dirty with the Wix Logo Maker, you need to sharpen your axe before chopping down the tree. Obey the following principles in order to create or choose a logo that evokes the emotion or a thought and is memorable:

  1. Less is more: The human brain does not retain much detail at a glance. To impress your logo’s image on your user’s mind, use minimalism to your advantage. E.g., research shows that the best logos out there are either monochromatic or they have max two colors.
  2. Repetition or unity or similarity: A continuity is required so all the elements of your logo seem to belong together. This consistency relates everything with each other and the resultant harmony makes sense to your customer.
  3. Balance: Your logo should not be out of balance. That is to say, imagine placing your logo on a table; will it tilt on either side and fall down? If yes, then your logo is unbalanced. Symmetry has always been a safe and pleasing choice. But the logo design does not need to be symmetrical. It can be properly balanced and asymmetrical at the same time. This is achieved by positioning the elements of your logo so it does not topple off.
  4. Focal point: Contrast with color, shape, position or size to draw the attention of the viewer towards a certain part of your logo. There may be minimum 1 and maximum 2 focal points for the sake of simplicity.
  5. Negative space: If the gap present in between or within your logo forms a shape that you can relate to then you are making good use of negative space. It contributes to the sophistication of the logo and adds a wow factor.

The logo tool of the trade

Wix Logo Creator Free

Wix Logo Maker is your workhorse for a matchless and unique logo, especially if you abide by the previous rules. Beside Wix’s free membership, the only work required by the Logo Maker is the answering of some questions so that a suitable custom logo is delivered.

Wix Logo Creator Free

  1. First, you have to enter your company’s title (“Custom Cars” for instance) and an optional catchphrase (“Customization Unleashed”).
  2. Then the Logo Maker will ask for the industry your company belongs to, “Car Service” in my case.
  3. Now the Wix’s tool will ask the million-dollar question. Describe your brand to the Logo Maker in one to ten words but better be as brief as possible. The message you want to convey to your consumer is decided at this stage. I will tick “Creative” and “Fresh” for my imaginary brand as it is a creative newcomer in the market.
  4. It’s time to check your liking to adjust your logo accordingly. You will be presented with 5 pictures of logos that you have to like and dislike carefully as per your taste. While making the decisions keep in mind the prerequisites of quality design told above.
  5. In the fifth phase, the Logo Maker will give you prototypes of your logo. Click “Change Icon” if you aren’t satisfied with the Wix’s suggestion. I searched for Car icons and selected this one:

    Scroll down and edit a favorite sample to proceed.

    1. Finally, the Logo Maker editor will be loaded on Wix’s website. While customizing from top to bottom, opt for a color palette that goes with the personality of your business:

    I will leave the Logo Maker’s “Name” tab as it is, but you can configure the options given by Wix with the help of aforesaid design knowledge. For the tagline, I changed the font to “Knewave” for a crafty look:

    Reduce the spacing of icon to 15 or 14 maybe but not more than that. This way the icon will remain prominent. These phenomena is known as proximity or position contrast. The default spacing set by Wix Logo Maker is sufficient for me:

    A shape can be turned on if you want your logo to be framed. One more thing, to visualize your logo the editor of Wix’s handy Logo Maker gives you practical examples. Scroll horizontally to see your logo in different scenarios:

    At last download your logo

    I hope this article helped you get an idea of the versatile Logo Maker and the rules of design. Now you can confidently create a logo, with Wix’s app, that suits your business the most.