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大概意思就是说,SQL语句中包含了GROUP BY聚合操作的情况下,如果在SELECT中的列没有出现在GROUP BY中,那么这个SQL就是不合法的,因为列不在GROUP BY从句中。

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  • So this is what I did. I am assuming you are running Catalina OS Beta. Uninstall VB, and reinstall it. Reinstall the application.ova. Set up the folders the same way etc.





的确是SELECT中的列没有出现在GROUP BY中。




Wdfilter.sys Boot Error





Wdfilter.sys error reddit


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Wdfilter Bsod

    • Constructor Detail

      • WsFilter

    • Method Detail

      • init

        Description copied from interface: javax.servlet.Filter
        Called by the web container to indicate to a filter that it is being placed into service. The servlet container calls the init method exactly once after instantiating the filter. The init method must complete successfully before the filter is asked to do any filtering work.

        The web container cannot place the filter into service if the init method either:

        • Throws a ServletException
        • Does not return within a time period defined by the web container
        Specified by:
        init in interface Filter
        filterConfig - The configuration information associated with the filter instance being initialised
        ServletException - if the initialisation fails
      • doFilter

        Description copied from interface: javax.servlet.Filter
        The doFilter method of the Filter is called by the container each time a request/response pair is passed through the chain due to a client request for a resource at the end of the chain. The FilterChain passed in to this method allows the Filter to pass on the request and response to the next entity in the chain.

        A typical implementation of this method would follow the following pattern:-
        1. Examine the request
        2. Optionally wrap the request object with a custom implementation to filter content or headers for input filtering
        3. Optionally wrap the response object with a custom implementation to filter content or headers for output filtering
        4. a) Either invoke the next entity in the chain using the FilterChain object (chain.doFilter()),
        4. b) or not pass on the request/response pair to the next entity in the filter chain to block the request processing
        5. Directly set headers on the response after invocation of the next entity in the filter chain.

        Specified by:
        doFilter in interface Filter
        request - The request to process
        response - The response associated with the request
        chain - Provides access to the next filter in the chain for this filter to pass the request and response to for further processing
        Throws: - if an I/O error occurs during this filter's processing of the request
        ServletException - if the processing fails for any other reason
      • destroy

        Description copied from interface: javax.servlet.Filter
        Called by the web container to indicate to a filter that it is being taken out of service. This method is only called once all threads within the filter's doFilter method have exited or after a timeout period has passed. After the web container calls this method, it will not call the doFilter method again on this instance of the filter.
        This method gives the filter an opportunity to clean up any resources that are being held (for example, memory, file handles, threads) and make sure that any persistent state is synchronized with the filter's current state in memory.
        Specified by:
        destroy in interface Filter